“What to Look for in a Good Cow”

Perhaps you are an amateur or a nonpro who did not grow up around cattle … and now you still don’t have many opportunities to be around them or work them. You’re not alone.

Maybe one of the few times you do get to experience cattle happens during a show run. That’s very challenging and less than ideal on the job training!

As you already know, there are a lot of moving pieces and parts to this whole idea of becoming proficient in the herd and working a cow. The most efficient learning approach I know is to break those pieces down into bite size chunks and tackle them one at a time.

The purpose of this article is to address a very important part of the cow puzzle … how to tell “good” cow behavior from “bad” cow behavior.

I have attached a PDF checklist to this article which outlines good and bad cow descriptions. Via the yellow button below, you have the option to download it to your computer. Then you may print it out if you like and utilize it in whatever way is helpful to you.

Next step: study each point on the checklist separately. Here’s how. At the next cutting, watch for a particular characteristic in individual cattle while a herd of fresh cattle is being settled. To make it even more interesting, based on the characteristic you’re tuned into, make a prediction about how various cattle will work.

Then for each rider, focus on the cattle and not on the horse. Even as the herd is entered and cattle are cut, there is a lot of information to continue to be learned about individual cattle.This takes discipline (because it’s more fun to watch the horses) but it is one of the most sure ways you can help yourself on your journey to learn more about cattle.

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“What Good to Look for in a Good Cow”

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