A Ride In The Fog

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21 Comments on A Ride In The Fog

  1. Carol MacGregor on Sat, 13th Jan 2024 7:38 pm
  2. Hi Barb, I loved going on the ride with you and Nic in the fog!!! He is such a good boy to go out by himself and not be too afraid of his surroundings. And I really appreciate your pointing out that each of us is “enough” with who we are and where we are in our life journey and horsemanship journey, yet to be open to the next thing that is possible for each of us. Thank you:)

  3. Jackie Snyder on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 2:46 pm
  4. Very wise words! Thank you for the reminder so well said. “I am Enough” is front and center on my bulletin board.

    What a beautiful morning for a ride in the fog. I enjoyed” riding” with you and Nic – love these alert cowhorses – they don’t miss much. Walking or riding in the fog always reminds me of when I used to walk to the library in the fog in the evening on the military post when I was a child – such a comforting memory!

  5. Renée Racine on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 3:17 pm
  6. I really enjoyed this ride. You started my day off right with a ride on a good horse and some wise words. Thank you.

  7. Caroline Mackinnon on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 4:35 pm
  8. Beautiful thoughts expressed during a magical, morning ride. Thank you, Barb.

  9. Maureen Barman on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 4:38 pm
  10. What a beautiful morning for your ride and what a beautiful tree in the first part of your video
    Thank you for sharing

  11. Linda L Clavel on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 5:35 pm
  12. Great words from a great lady. Thank you!

  13. Elaine Bohlin on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 5:53 pm
  14. Always love looking at the world through Nic’s ears and your wisdom.

  15. Shawn Smith on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 6:05 pm
  16. Thank you Barb❤️🙏

  17. Diane Malven-Pang on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 7:08 pm
  18. Thank you, Barb. I loved that!! I love hearing your thoughts and yes, seeing the world from between Nick’s ears is so wonderful. Thank you!!

  19. Lala on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 7:11 pm
  20. I enjoy hearing memories of your Mom & Dad. Froggy Mornings is priceless. Now get on the Ro-add and see you soon.

  21. Jeanne Reyher on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 9:36 pm
  22. Hi Barb and Nic.
    Loved this! I am enough, my horse is enough, my body is enough. Thankful for our blessings. Your words always inspire me be positive and try harder. The oak tree is amazing, always love seeing them on your rides. Froggy made me smile, my Dad always said that also 🙂
    Love you lady.

  23. Heidi Thompson on Sun, 14th Jan 2024 9:37 pm
  24. Thank you for this Barb! I tend to get down on myself and compare to other riders and horses. I need to remember to just be happy about what I can do and appreciate my sweet mare.

  25. Tassie Corbett on Mon, 15th Jan 2024 6:05 am
  26. This was so very comforting and a wonderful ride along. The scenery and sounds were great. Such a good reminder that we are enough, no matter the circumstance. My Mom always said froggy too. I find myself saying it all the time. Have a great week, and enjoy!

  27. Kathy McBride on Mon, 15th Jan 2024 6:39 am
  28. Hey Barb! My dad used to say “Froggy” morning too. Sweet memory. I too have heard about keeping our thoughts to the “abundant” side. That we are enough, I struggle with that and comparison. Great reminder to watch our thoughts. Thank you.

  29. Fran Sands on Mon, 15th Jan 2024 8:02 am
  30. Thank you Barb!! What an encouraging word for the day!! Went from your mouth to my heart!! Blessings on your day!!

  31. Nancy Burroughs on Mon, 15th Jan 2024 10:28 am
  32. So uplifting. So true. Thank you.

  33. Jane J on Mon, 15th Jan 2024 12:32 pm
  34. Just what I needed to hear as the new “season” is approaching!

  35. Jane J on Mon, 15th Jan 2024 12:34 pm
  36. Just what I needed to hear as the new “season” is approaching! Stay warm🔥

  37. Susan J Kumer on Mon, 15th Jan 2024 12:47 pm
  38. Wow, that was fun to ride with you and be reminded why we love horses. I just came in from feeding, cleaning stalls and hauling results across the property on a snow disk freezing my toes!
    I totally try to always be grateful for what I have which helps to feel that I am enough and have enough, although sometimes it takes more talk as I am getting up in age LOL
    Thanks Barb for your wonderful inspirations.

  39. Stacy Neef on Tue, 16th Jan 2024 3:18 pm
  40. Loved the ride with u and Nick. A foggy morning was perfect for “not enough”. Great opportunity provided for me to do some soul searching. Thanks!

  41. Dawn Aguilar on Mon, 19th Feb 2024 7:26 am
  42. I always love to ride along with you and Nick. Counting my blessings is my go to when I start going down the dark tunnel of I’m not enough.

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