Each episode will be a conversation intended to encourage you, help you succeed, have fun and grow more confident.

My guests and I will tell stories and share how I/they overcame challenges (like nerves) and how to stay motivated when the inevitable setbacks happen. We'll be talking to coaches and riders from all disciplines and all experience levels.

I also plan to interview folks who will inspire all to go for the gusto and achieve more than we ever thought possible. We'll think, "If they can do it, I can do it."

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Meet Will, Nic’s BraveHearts Partner

This past week I had the honor of being one of 18 cutting horse trainers who coached 18 veterans to prepare the vets for an extraordinary cutting competition in late July.

This week’s video is an interview with Will Boelcke, Nic’s excellent rider and partner for this year’s competition. There’s no transcript this time.


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An Exercise to Vaporize Distracting Thoughts

Hi, it’s Barb.

Staying present in the moment is a challenge we all have. I was thinking about this a lot this week, so I thought I would give you a powerful exercise to transform ‘bad’ thoughts to keep your thinking going in a positive direction.

That’s what this week’s podcast is all about.

. .

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How to Keep Reminding Yourself

Hi, it’s Barb.

I have a fun tip to help you remember to do things on your horse (that you know how to do), but you forget to do them!

It came up on our Facebook group this week. A rider commented that her turns were much better when she rode with her shoulders open. But the challenge was she couldn’t remember to do it all the time!

I told her about a fun ‘trick’ she can use to keep new things she learns in the forefront of her mind.

That’s what this video is all about.

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Getting Nic Fit

Last week, I shared that I’m getting Nic ready to be a show horse again for a veteran from the BraveHearts Education Program in Harvard, Illinois.

I’m honored again this year to be one of the trainers, so Nic is the guy who’s going to be one of the show horses. We don’t know yet who our veteran will be, but I know they will be just right for Mr. Nic here.

One important task I have is to get Nic into show shape. After last week’s video, I was asked, “What criteria do I use to measure his fitness?”

I thought that was an excellent question! That’s what this video is all about.

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Nic’s Upcoming Adventure

Last year at this time, Nic and I had two great adventures together.

We had the good fortune to be a part of a magnificent outing with the BraveHearts Therapeutic and Education Program for veterans in Harvard, Illinois. Last year 18 veterans showed in a cutting horse competition in Fort Worth, Texas, during one of the legs of the National Cutting Horse Association’s Triple Crown – the Summer Spectacular.

Nic was a show horse for veteran Alex Rodriguez, and I was their coach. Alex was marvelous – and Nic did a great job, too.

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A GPS Path to Your Best Season Ever

Over the past four weeks we’ve been talking about a systematic way for you to set yourself up for success when you go to a show, or a clinic, or go away from home. Almost always when we leave our home base there’s a tendency to feel vulnerable.

For sure things are unpredictable and can be a bit chaotic.

I appreciate your feedback over the past few weeks. It’s made me realize just how many pieces and parts of showing have the potential to feel unsteady and uncertain. That can be part of the fun of it, but some are so disconcerting that we need help corralling our thoughts and decisions about our next steps.

This video is all about what I learned from you, from one of my most treasured mentors and from my own reflections.

If you ride or take your horse away from home to ride in front of others, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Truth Serum for Achieving Excellence

Have you ever ridden out of an arena at a show where you were with many people, and all you could think about was what went wrong?

OMGosh – who hasn’t done that! And maybe your lamenting wasn’t restricted to just those few minutes after walking out the exit gate. The mental lashing can go on and on.

When the dust settles, and your heart rate goes down, at least a few hours or so later, or maybe the next day, it’s the ideal time to do a 5-star review of your ride.

That’s what this video is all about.

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Part 3: Shine!

Hi, it’s Barb,

I’m here with Nic, and we’re continuing our 4-part series called Shine in the Show Pen. In this video, Part 3, Get Your Shine On, we’ll talk about the actual day of the event.

These are the moments you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy!

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Part 2: Prepare and Polish

It’s Spring, and as you know, everyone is getting out and about with their horses.

I’m doing a 4-part series about the steps you can take to set yourself up for success when you ride at new places and in front of other people – places that might be outside of your comfort zone.

During this series, the specific example I talk about is showing – as in competitions – but it could be anywhere you want to do well, like a clinic, where you board your horse, or on the trail with friends.

I identify four sequential steps I know can set you up for success. Soon, I’ll do an in-depth webinar series on these topics, so I’m asking now for your suggestions for the challenges you’d like me to cover when I do that series.

Once again, the four steps for setting yourself up for success are:

1. Set Your True North, which I talked about last week – and I thank you for your feedback. I’ve received lots of emails on this topic. Thank You!

2. Prepare and Polish, which we’ll discuss in this video

3. Compete with Confidence – next week’s topic

4. A 5-Star Review

So let’s get started with Prepare and Polish, which, in a nutshell, is the commitment to excellence by valuing, (above all else) – constantly improving – then showing (or going to your event) – and then based upon results – making a strategic plan to improve for your next event.

. .

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Set Your True North

It’s that time of the year when I bet you’re getting out and about.

This is Part One of a four-part series about steps you can take to set yourself up for success and when you ride in environments outside of your comfort zone.

I talk about it as it relates to showing, but the four steps in this series can be for any time you go to new places and ride in front of folks that are not your best buds.

I also asked last week to let me know about your challenges in four areas:

1. Set Your True North
2. Prepare and Polish
3. Compete with Confidence
4. Do a 5-Star Review

I received a lot of fantastic suggestions, and I’m so grateful. Please keep them coming. This video digs into Part One: Set Your True North.

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Here’s How I See Competition

Hi, it’s Barb!

Show season is in full swing, and people are so excited. It’s always that mixed bag of feeling personally hopeful, a little scared to get out in front of people, eager to see how your horse does, and having fun with your friends for another show season.

For the past couple of years, I’ve done a series of live webinars called Shine in the Show Pen. I’m planning to do this series again in May, but I need your help to make sure I cover what interests you most.

Here’s how I’ve organized things so you understand how I approach the vast topic of competition. I’m all ears. Let me know if you like the flow of these steps, and please give me any feedback you have.

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