Each episode will be a conversation intended to encourage you, help you succeed, have fun and grow more confident.

My guests and I will tell stories and share how I/they overcame challenges (like nerves) and how to stay motivated when the inevitable setbacks happen. We'll be talking to coaches and riders from all disciplines and all experience levels.

I also plan to interview folks who will inspire all to go for the gusto and achieve more than we ever thought possible. We'll think, "If they can do it, I can do it."

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Questions to ask looking to 2022

Hey, it’s Barb and Nic, and it’s a beautiful autumn day here in Texas.

I want to take a few minutes and talk about this time of year. It’s such a perfect time to think about 2022 – what we want to accomplish – why we want to achieve it – and what success looks like. Then – what is our path to get there?

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Time to Reset and Recharge

I’ve been traveling a lot over the past month. I’ve had fabulous experiences with incredible people. I am truly grateful.

I’m home now for a while. When I filmed this, I was getting ready to do one of my favorite events of the year, a “Cow Intensive” clinic with my friend, Shannon Pigott. But after that, my pace will be slower, and I get to hang out inside a new course with a new class – and I love that.

This video is all about how important it is to renew our physical, mental, and emotional energy for ourselves and as we ride our horses. I take a casual trail for no other reason than to be on Nic, relax and be with you.

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This place is hopping!

I had four fun-filled days in Cowtown in Fort Worth, Texas this past week. I got to see the sights, be a part of two unique events, and witness all kinds of horsey folks doing their thing. I love that.

This mini-podcast is all about my little adventure.

. .

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An Adventuresome Path

I’m out in the pasture with Nic. I just finished filming Lesson Three for our Confidence Within Free Workshop Series.

I want to tell you about it!

If you already signed up, you’ve received two lessons, so you know Lesson Three, Ride and Rise, is coming out tomorrow. I’m going to explain four steps on a path to a kind of quiet confidence on the inside.

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Ignite Your Grit

This past Tuesday, I attended the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon.

It’s a HUGE highlight of my year – every year – because I have the honor of meeting the new inductees and visiting with past honorees.

Those women of tremendous spirit inspire us all to live from our hearts – with grit.

We can all design our own lives by listening within our hearts and then taking inspired action.

None of us need to be acknowledged on the outside, or be in a Hall of Fame, to live with courage, authenticity and grit.

That’s what this mini-podcast is all about – igniting your spirit.

. .

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Who’s your superhero?

Sometimes we don’t know how or why one person achieves great success, and at the same time, is incredibly happy and confident. They seem to have it all.

It’s as if we want to drink the same water they’re drinking so we can have those things, too. (-:

They are the heroes in our lives. They are people of great character and achievement.

In this video, I have a fun exercise for you. It will help you identify with our superheroes’ qualities and know we, too, can ride and live in a fulfilling and successful way.

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What’s possible for you?

I’m with my girl Rachel who’s been a member of our family for 30 years. We raised her. She’s a Shorty Lena mare and the number one girl who raised 15 fabulous cutting babies for us.

She’s retired now, of course, but I’m not retired. But the biggest thing that’s different about Rachel and me is as she gets older, she gets a little thinner as I get older, it’s not so easy to stay slim!

I have a special message for you today, and Rachel’s my partner, here to help me share it with you.

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Two Exercises for Show Time Prep

For many folks, this time of year is a special show season.

In this video, I give a shout-out to my friends who are going to their final weekend show, or a large year-end competition, or a futurity, (or some other big show). I bet you feel excited! Of course, you do and you want to do really well.

I have a couple of exercises to help you do just that if you’re about to go show.

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A Lifeline for Trials

Last week I posted a meme on my Facebook page that had the quote, “Embrace the belief that every adversity contains a great gift.” That saying was superimposed over a white horse in a cloud kind of background. It all looked a bit ethereal.

I had many responses that agreed, like, “Yes!” or “Amen!”.
And understandably, one of the comments was, “It is hard to believe at this time.”

Then another woman said, “Sometime, Barb, will you discuss this in-depth. I would like to understand it better and be able to implement it effectively.”

I am more than happy to talk about this because it’s one of my lifelines of beliefs.

That’s what this mini-podcast is all about.

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Wildebeest = Speed with Distance

Recently I received a question from a rider about being frustrated in her riding when speed and distance simultaneously increased.

While the example is about working a ‘wilder beast’ cow (ha), I know this is a challenge for riders in any discipline. When speed and distance expand, the degree of riding difficulty goes up exponentially.

But there are some things we can do. That’s what this video is all about.

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Difficult conversation:
Taking my horse home

All of us feel anxiety when we have difficult conversations. We all want to have good relationships with those in our circle – and not be shunned or shamed by anyone. But certain situations in a barn or with other people bring up feelings of vulnerability.

When can, though, muster the courage to be clear and confident when we state the truth about our personal situation and what we want going forward. Then we know we have done all we can do.

That’s what this podcast is all about.

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