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Three traits that work for anything

I had to reschedule a 4-part, 2-day webinar series a few days ago that was supposed to be for this past Friday and Saturday.

It was because the weather in Texas wreaked havoc on our internet, power, and water. We have been very fortunate personally. Our prayers are with our Texas neighbors who certainly have suffered.

However, on Wednesday, when I realized I had to reschedule, I went into a little bit of a tailspin trying to figure it all out.

Then, I remembered three traits I learned in my original performance training that apply not only to competitors but to everyone in all kinds of situations.

And I love thinking about them as related to riding.

That’s what this video is all about.

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How fast do you bounce back?

. .

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Do you know when your horse is ready?

Last week we talked about getting into the swing of showing. I also said that while I might talk about ‘showing’ that this information is not just about competition.

It can be anytime you want to ride at your best, and you’re riding with others. You might be going to a clinic, doing a fun adventure with friends, or going down the trail.

This week I want to build on last week and do 3 things.

The first is I’m going to show you one of the ways I knew when my horses were ready to show.

The second is I have another fun and freeing way to think about competition.

The third is to identify the four areas in the four podcasts we have coming up starting this week.

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To Show or Not To Show

It’s getting to be that time of the year again when the bug hits a lot of riders to go show.

Of course, some people like to show, and some don’t. What absolutely matters is that you do what you love to do with your horse. Period.

Whether you show or not, you don’t have to prove anything in the show arena. In fact, I don’t think showing is about that anyway, although it is a blast to win!

I think you’ll find the perspectives I share here about showing to be thought-provoking no matter what kind of riding you do. Plus, I let you know about some fun things coming up.

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Trail to 2021:
Inner Strength

This is the final video in our Trail to 2021 Series.

It’s all about growing your personal strength as a big part of growing an even bigger vision of you and your horse for 2021.

I hope you enjoy it. Here’s to you. You’re awesome!

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Trail to 2021:
Relaxation and Connection Exercise

For the past 5 weeks in our Trail to 2021 series, we’ve been talking about you designing your unique story with your horse going forward into 2021.

Last week, I dug into the topic of connection. I had such a great response to that video, that I decided to take a little sidetrip and share one of my favorite connection exercises with you.

That’s what this video is all about.

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Trail to 2021:
Incredible Connections

In this Trail to 2021 series, we’ve been talking about you designing your unique story with your horse going forward into 2021.

It’s that vision of yourself as a beautiful rider. You can create a gorgeous picture that reflects you and your horse. That’s an important first step.

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Trail to 2021: Get Technical

Well, here we are in 2021.

I feel basically the same. I’m excited! I don’t think I’ve aged that much in the past few days by entering a new year.

But all kidding aside, there’s something so cathartic about a new beginning and a new year.

And boy, am I ready!

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Trail to 2021:
Consideration to Take on the Trail

In the past few videos, with one little podcast thrown in, we’ve been traveling a fun trail to writing the next chapter of our story for 2021.

So now, in this video, I’m going to give you a few more considerations for writing your compelling 2021 story.

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Sending Christmas Cheer

As I was about to create a fun video for you today for our Trail to 2021 series, I was feeling a little under the weather and not my usual wild elf self. So instead of pushing through to do the video, I’m sending this short audio to you instead.

Fingers crossed that I’ll continue the Trail to 2021 series next week.

And oh my gosh, 2021 is upon us. Can you believe it?

. .

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Trail to 2021: Take A Tour & See

Last week I asked about your accomplishments in 2020… or some of your highlights from in this year of so much pain and chaos.

I asked you to think back to where you’ve come from since this time last year… and to enjoy that perspective. And we’re doing all of this in the spirit of designing the next chapter in our story for 2021.

Now that we appreciate all of the good things from 2020, let’s take the next step and look forward to 2021. That’s what this video is all about.

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Trail to 2021: True Tales (and tails!)

As we all know, 2020 has been quite the year. I don’t need to explain that to you! It seems like EVERYTHING just kept changing.

I thought it would be fun to get a jump start on looking back over 2020 in these last few weeks of December… and… very importantly… where we want to go in 2021.

Together, over the next 5 videos, we’re going to take a look back; we’re going to check out where we are now, and we’re going to look forward to what we want to create with our horses in 2021.

My hope is that you enjoy this series of videos. And perhaps, in the process, we’ll create a new story for what we’ll design in our horse lives as we move forward into a new year.

This video is about one powerful question you can ask yourself. It can give you an empowered perspective about where you are now as you look forward to 2021.

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