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Help for Mastering Fast Stops

A few weeks ago, someone asked this question on my Facebook page: “How can you master fast runs, quick stops, and then turns? Sometimes it comes easily, and sometimes I can’t find it. How do you break it down so I can practice slowly to get the feel?”

The answer to that question is what this video is all about.

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How to Stay Grounded and Present in the Moment

In celebration of Thanksgiving, I have a short article for you with an uplifting straightforward, and fun challenge.

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What I learned that blew me away

Last weekend I gave a presentation at the Warwick Schiller PodcastSummit in San Antonio, Texas.

Words fall short of expressing the depth and breadth of my 3-day experience – just truly amazing.

That’s what this video is all about.

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A Practice for a Lifetime

As you get this email on Sunday, November 6th, I will be wrapping up the weekend of the Warwick Schiller Podcast Summit. I am honored to be presenting a 20-minute talk. Although I have not used the exact titles in my last few videos and one podcast, my address is about the four qualities of extraordinary people.

Over the past three weeks, I shared the first three, and now this video rounds it out with number four.

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Champion Who?

Thank you all for your kind feedback about this 4-part series about the attributes I’ve noticed repeatedly about people who live successful AND happy lives.

I’m giving you a sneak peek into my Journey On Podcast Summit TIC Talk (like a Ted Talk) this coming Friday. Oh my! I’m excited!

In the past episodes, I spoke about a passion so strong for what you do a freight train couldn’t hold you back. That was #1 of the four.

Then, number two was a willingness to pause but then get back up after a lack of success, bad luck, or a delay in your plans.

Now, in this mini-podcast, I will share attribute #3.

. .

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Strength Training Like No Other

I’ve been working on a Ted-style talk for a very special event, The Journey On Podcast Summit.

My talk is about four characteristics of extraordinary people. I’m very excited, especially the closer it gets.

I’ve been sharing – and I will continue to give you a glimpse into one attribute I chose per week.

Last week I spoke about the role of passion and purpose in being extraordinary. This week, I’ll discuss the character trait of resilience.

That’s what this video is all about.

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How Passion and Belief Impact Riding

I talked about writing and practicing my upcoming Ted-style talk in last week’s video. My topic is four attributes of extraordinary people, although that’s not the “official title.”

For my talk, I chose four qualities I’ve learned through research, study and my own experiences. I’ll describe them by telling the stories of four incredible people who impacted my life.

Beginning today and for the next three Sundays after this, I’ll share one of the four attributes I chose and how it directly impacts your ability to ride at your best in the saddle.

Of course, there’s nothing magical about four attributes; it’s just what I chose.

That’s what this video is all about – the first one.

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Four Attributes of Extraordinary
Riders and People

Next month, I will give two Ted-style talks with messages that mean the world to me.

First, I’m truly honored to have these opportunities. The first will be on November 4th at 10:00 AM during Warwick and Robyn Schillar’s Journey On Podcast Summit in San Antonio, Texas. The second will be during The Cowgirl Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas, on the weekend of November 11th.

It’s the first time I’ve been asked to do that talk style, and I’ve been working on them diligently for a while now. It’s an exciting experience to be concise and choose messages that matter a lot to me.

That’s what this video is all about.

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If Horses Could Talk

I’ve been out and about these past fews weeks and I’ve noticed something.

It’s sooo easy to do, but when we do it, we deny ourselves the experience of true horsemanship.

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Might be Painful!

I had a topic come up this week. It’s an important idea that’s often overlooked for two reasons. First, it takes energy and effort to do. Second, it can be a little painful!

I suggest you video your rides and study them before anyone else does.

Most of us tend to shy away from watching our videos because we don’t like how we look or ride, or it’s tough to watch errors happen.

But independent video watching can be a powerful tool in your self-improvement toolbox. That’s what this video is all about.

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