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Nothing Like a Beautiful Story #2
Mary Fields

We all love a great story. It can be adventuresome, inspiring, hilarious, or a combo of many things.

This is Part Two in a series of sharing the adventures of people who had passion, persevered, grew beyond themselves and inspired others.

This week’s story is about Mary Fields who was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame a few weeks ago, posthumously. I can’t imagine doing what she did, especially during the Montana winters.

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Nothing Like a Beautiful Story #1,
Meggan Hill- McQueeney

We all love a great story. It can be adventuresome, inspiring, hilarious, or a combo of many things.

I just returned from the annual Cowgirl Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon. My dear friend and soul sister, Meggan Hill McQueeney, was inducted this year.

I want to share her beautiful story with you as written in the luncheon program.

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Cow FUN Off the Charts

Two of my dear friends, Kathy Price from Wales and Jane Pike from New Zealand came to visit us in Brenham, Texas after attending Warwick and Robyn Schiller’s Podcast Summit. They were on a holiday/cutting horse riding adventure before returning home.

They are both delightful. We had a blast! They fell in love with working cattle. It was fun to be beside them as they experienced something so new.

Here’s a shout out to Jonathan and Laura Yarbrough for bringing their good horses for them to ride – and – James, Caty and Jamey Paben for making it all happen with cattle at Miracle Farm Ranch.

We were all sad to say goodbye. So we decided to say, “See you soon!”

Enjoy the video. Jane and Kathy tell our 3-day adventure story very well.

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A Fail-Safe Tool You’ll Love

We can all fall into the fear of what other people think of us trap – or – we can be judgmental of others, too. That doesn’t feel very good either! Today’s mini-podcast is about a fail-safe and fun technique you can use to ensure you stay in a positive place mentally and emotionally so you can do your job with your horse – undistracted.

. .

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Self-Awareness, Choices, and Confidence

My Mexico trip last weekend didn’t happen, but I did notice something about my reaction to not going that was a great reminder for me, and I have come to know is one of the most important starting points of confidence. That’s the ability to be self-aware and then make choices. That’s what this video is all about.

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Dreams Take Their Own Path

An interesting phenomenon happens when we allow ourselves to dream what we really want to do instead of what we think we’re supposed to do – or have done in the past.

When we don’t limit ourselves and decide to go for it, the track of our lives can turn into an adventure.

That’s what this video is all about.

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How do You See Pressure?

How do you see pressure?

It could be a competition, riding in front of other people – or you need to do well in a particular situation – like winning or pleasing a client.

Reflecting on your view of pressure is what this article is all about.

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Live What You Love – Never Give Up

It’s not always easy to know what to do and what direction to take next. But there’s a 2-part recipe to help you follow your dreams with excitement and conviction. That’s what this week’s mini-podcast is all about.

. .

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What’s Your Story?

Do you think of yourself as a fabulous storyteller?

You might not consider yourself one, but we’re all good at telling ourselves tall tales.

Many of them aren’t very positive either, like what we think of our ability to do something well or what so and so really meant when they said a certain thing.

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The Art of Science of Visualization

We all process information and experiences differently. Some of us love to listen to information. Others are visual. And then a percentage of us are mostly tuned into touch.

I’m more auditory. I love to see things, too, but I know I process more readily by listening.

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What Nic Did When in Danger

Nic got into a very hairy situation this past week. The ability to go from a state of overstimulation, fight or flight, to patience and trust really paid off for his safety. That’s what this video is all about.

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