Ride with Confidence Audio Program


By Barbra Schulte

“The Most Concise, Research Based, 10 Step
Confidence Building Information Available For
Riders of All Disciplines.”

Inside Tracks:
  • Understanding the Ideal Performance State
  • Dreaming great dreams
  • Evaluating your personal mental, emotional, and physical strengths and weaknesses
  • Using acting techniques to achieve your Ideal Performance State
  • Thinking strategically with positive words and images
  • Triggering positive emotions on demand through rituals
  • Using stress to build mental and emotional toughness
  • Strengthening your physical body and increasing your capacity to manage stress
  • Testing your skills
  • Going for it again – I Believe In Myself

Digital Audio Download Price: $27.95

Audio CD Price: $37.95

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“Hi Barbra, I met you in LA at Women Luv Horses and I truly believe I met you for a reason. The last two years of my life have been the roughest I’ve experienced in my 37 years. I was very unhappy with my business and it was breaking my spirit. I bought your CD Ride With Confidence and I listen to it a few times a week on my way into work. Your CD has helped me reach into myself and find that driven, successful, positive, and determined person I used to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you … you are medicine to my mending spirit.”

Maggie Smith-Griggs
Ferndale, CA


“I wanted to write and thank you for some help you gave me at an important time. I have been involved with cutting horses for sometime but never been able to show a horse in cutting competitions very much. I hope my opportunity to show is coming. Ten or fifteen years ago, I listened to one of your tapes that made a strong impression on me. I have used several of your methods from time to time to relax in tense situations. I am a little older now. I am a deputy for the sheriff department. In late August I was called on by a neighboring department to assist in locating a 17-year old drowning victim in a high mountain lake. I was warned about dangerous conditions because of high elevation, extremely cold water, and little or no visibility at the bottom. As I descended to about 25 feet, the water became stunningly cold and even with good equipment I began to chill quickly. On the bottom at 65 feet, it was very dark and with about 18 inches of visibility. With such little visibility I was separated from the diver next to me very quickly. After about 20 minutes with the cold and effort of swimming I was a little winded. My regulator which delivers air to me froze open. All the air in my tank was rushing out continually past my face. I took it out, tapped, and shook it, but could not stop the malfunction. Although I could get air from the regulator I started to lose a little control and felt some panic taking over. I forced myself to get control by reversing my breathing, although I did not have a saddle to drop my weight into, it had a very successful affect on the feelings that threatened me. I was able to make successful slow emergency assent with a clear mind. Later I was called on to make the recovery of the body found by sonar. I was feeling very anxious from the trouble I had before. I again thought of and used your advice and was calm and safe throughout the dive.

It was amazing to me when I was in trouble that I could hear your voice so clearly. I went to a cutting about two weeks after the incident at Henrys Lake Idaho. Unbelievably to me you were there. It was not a good time to talk to you but I wish I would have. You had a great work; it meant so much to me that I bought the tape of your work to keep. Even if a little emotion kept me from saying “hi”, I don’t have emotional trouble. I am a real tuff guy. Your stuff helps me be tuff.”

Thanks so much,
Ken Geddes
Fox Hollow Ranch – Preston, ID


“I wanted to give you an update on my progress since listening and writing out the information on the Ride With Confidence CD.

As I mentioned, I have listened to your wonderful Ride With Confidence CD at least 10 times. Additionally, I wrote notes and read and read them almost daily.

The test came today when I took my horse to another farm for a lesson (actually, to straighten me out). My Welly was wide-eyed and exhibited giraffe behavior with a high head and basically walking on his toes. Your information was a God-send!

For starters, before even going to the barn to get him ready to go, I suppressed my nerves by making positive affirmations – ‘no problem’, he will enjoy grazing at the new place and then we will tack up and enjoy a ride together. He was nervous and sweating, but he did graze. Instead of getting tense and nervous myself, I remembered your ‘acting’ advice so I relaxed my shoulders, looked up, raised my chin, and breathed. He grazed and eventually stopped looking.

Once I mounted, he was nervous in the new ring with views of everything and everywhere. Again, I breathed, he exhaled, and we rode!!

My experience would not have been successful without your brilliant advice!! I caught myself smiling as I drove home.

Thank you so very much!! We have a long way to go – now we have a method. You are brilliant. I can never thank you enough! I have recommended your website, books, and CDs to everyone I have discussed this with. In fact, I am using your principles to lead a mastermind group where we are addressing courage to implement it into our sales and client relations. All of our members know about you and your products.

Thank you for reading this message. Please feel free to apply it in your marketing as needed. I fully understand your method and implementing it is universal. I hope more people will benefit from your wisdom!”

With gratitude,
Krasimira Henkel
The Henkel Group – Purcellville, VA

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