Barbra’s "Insights" Interview Series … Horsemanship Edition

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“Discover the MAGIC 
in You and in Your Horse”

Audio and PDF Transcript of Barbra’s
Exclusive Interview With Craig Cameron
Become a More Consistent Rider.
Deal With Problems With Your Horse and Have Fun!
Meet Craig Cameron

  • Craig co-created and hosts the show, “Extreme Cowboy Race”
  • Craig appears on “Hoof Beats” on cable TV as well as RFD-TV on Dish Network
  • Craig believes in teaching people how to have fun with horses
  • He won the prestigious 2002 Working Cowboy of the Year
  • Craig’s philosophy includes challenging both horse and rider
  • He is the author of bestselling Western Horseman book, “Ride Smart”
  • Craig resides at his headquarters, the Double Horn Ranch in Bluff Dale, Texas

Solutions Craig Gave to the Following Challenges:

Defining the magic within a horse and the magic within a rider

Be a willing student of the horse
It’s about working on ourselves … feel, timing, rhythm, patience
Willingness to recognize what’s happening

Philosophy of communicating with a horse

Feel, timing, and balance
Horsemanship is communication
Communication is two minds listening

Help with balance

Talk to yourself about what you want to do
When you look up you are a centered rider

Concepts for guiding a horse

Give to pressure … mutual yield
Guiding is leading, then supporting
Feel the feet

Destructive errors riders make

Riding on a horse’s mouth

Making riding fun and exciting

Combine technical work with trail riding
Create outside challenges

Improving a “problem horse”

Take the fear out of a horse
Flexibility, position, control of forward movement

Helping riders become consistent

Do the best you can when you can get out there
Warm the horses up
Read the horse

Different horse temperaments

Look for a partner that fits you
Horse-man-ship (relationship)

Finding the “right” horse

Get an experienced horseman you trust to help
Take time

Building a belief in yourself through ups and downs

Be a student of the horse
Confidence and trust is gained
“Mentally tough” means replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts
Difficulties build character and teach you the most

Questions Asked by the Live Audience During the Webinar:

  1. Trouble getting my gelding to SLOW DOWN.
  2. How long to wait to ride after feeding?
  3. Rein aids the same for a hackamore and a snaffle?
  4. When appropriate to switch from a snaffle to a shank bit?
  5. Philosophy on horsemanship today versus at the beginning of your career?
  6. How to overcome a highly trained, “looky” horse.
  7. Advice about horses who challenge riders.
  8. How to side pass “calmly” over poles?
  9. Important steps for older people getting “back” into horses.
  10. My horse is too coarse to be good at collecting?
  11. What do you value most in your life with horses?
  12. Dressage training helpful in learning horsemanship?
  13. How to bounce back after an accident? Exercises to help older riders?
  14. How do you prepare for the Road to the Horse?
  15. How to develop foot placement in stirrups.
  16. How to get a smooth stop from the lope?
  17. How to build a good working relationship with my horse?
  18. Advice to help a barn sour horse.
  19. What to do instead of pulling on a horses mouth?
  20. Progressions from a bosal, snaffle and bridle.
  21. Extreme Cowboy Association – how to schedule more rides?
  22. Steps to do a roll back on the fence.


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