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Happy Springtime!

I have always loved roses! Just now they are beginning to bloom here in Texas. I so enjoy waking up to birds chirping and gorgeous blooms!

Because this winter has been so long and difficult in many areas of the country, Spring seems even sweeter this year.

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First Love

Who was your first horse love? Mine was a sorrel cutting mare that I showed when I was about eight years old. Her barn name was Snake because she was so spooky! But Snake and I loved each other!

Love is always a choice. Even deciding to love what is not going our way is a choice. Loving the hard stuff can be like a treasure hunt because the hard stuff always has a great gift tucked away beneath the surface.

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“Get Some Fireworks Going”

Happy New Year! I love this time of the year … it’s always a time of new beginnings. In the Personal Performance article I share some thoughts for you … perhaps a new, energizing, and ultimately productive way to replace “resolutions”. Let me know what you think.

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Sharing Christmas Cheer

When I was growing up Christmas was a special with family.

Dad slowed down his busy life with our 400-500 horse ranch to enjoy Christmas traditions.

On Christmas Eve we opened presents and attended midnight mass to honor the birth of the baby, Jesus. I can still smell the incense.

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Time to Celebrate

Our family recently celebrated my Mother, Marie’s 93rd birthday. Four of her children, their spouses and some of the grand-kids had the good fortune to tell her what an inspiration she is to all of us! (We missed our sister, Nicki and her family who couldn’t be there.) You go, Mama! Happy Birthday.

My husband, Tom and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary the next day. How lucky we are to share our lives. Did I say 34 years!?! Wow. Here’s to you, Thomas and 34 more. Hmmmm … let me do the math!

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G’Day Mate!

I just returned from doing a one-day Personal Performance Seminar and a four-day Cutting Clinic in Yungaburra, Australia located in the rain forest west of Cairns, Northern Queensland.

I learned I don’t melt when it rains!

I had a marvelous time. My Aussie hosts, Tiffany Power and Julie and Mark Birdsall outdid themselves setting up the clinic and showering gracious hospitality on me and Lindsey Huth, who accompanied me.

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Old Friends/New Friends

Springtime is in full swing here in Texas. I LOVE this time of year!

I had a great time recently in Lady Lake, Florida. I did an NCHA Grassroots Cutting Clinic with Russell McCord, the NCHA Director of Judges.

Those Floridians know how to have fun and be productive all at the same time. As always, whenever I work with Russell, I am updated about current thoughts about judging.

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Springtime is in full swing here in Texas. I LOVE this time of year!

I also loved watching The Masters golf tournament recently. Mental skill strategies were often discussed by the commentators … and you could see the players close their eyes and visualize.

I was so excited because I wrote an article about visualizing!

I hope you are enjoying my new monthly free resource, “Living, Riding, Loving.” It is meant to make you smile and help you move with ease through challenges. Look for it in your email around the 24th. If you are not on our membership list and wish to receive it, you may sign up in the yellow box on the right of this page.

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New Addition to Your Membership

I will be starting a new, monthly, free addition to your membership.

It’s called, "Living. Riding. Loving." It is designed it to be a fun, inspirational short message to support your focus and help keep your thinking on true north for what you love and for your personal goals.

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