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In my 35 years of working with people and horses, no one topic has been brought up more as a source of woe – and wonderfulness! – than relationships—the good, the bad, and the not-very-pretty.

That’s because humans innately crave connection, being close to other people, and building relationships. These are vital to our well-being, both mentally and emotionally.

Horses have the same experience, although, additionally, they depended on it for survival in the wild.

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horse/human and human/human relationships

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It was a beautiful spring day when I made this video.

I talk about the connection between horses and people and people and people.

It’s a rich topic because connection is such a basic and strong drive for horses and humans. Over the past few years, I’ve learned much about both types of relationships.

I’m currently working on an insightful and moving project about human-human relationships. You’re invited to join me. There’s lots of good stuff!

On a different note, Nic is once again quite the character in the video. He makes me laugh—laughter is the best!

Join us in the Sharing Journal Project

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A walk in the wildflowers

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and the Sharing Journal

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How a Quiet Upper Body Facilitates Connection with Your Horse

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Over the past few weeks, our Cutting Master Class has been studying preparing yourself and your horse and herd work.

I’ve noticed once again how a quiet upper body that remains that way, no matter what’s going on at the moment (whether it be quick response steering or moving quickly across the arena on a cut, working a cow, etc.) sets up numerous positive results: accurate present-moment perceptions, communication with our horse and using our hands and feet independently – to name a few.

This idea is not unique to cutting. It spans all disciplines.

Again, it’s not a new concept, but it did jump out at me, loud and clear, and I saw how powerful it is as we watched great riders ride.

A quiet, soft, yet pliable upper body facilitates focus, engagement, and the ability to feel your horse.

It takes time and focus to develop. So be kind and patient with yourself, my friend – but do cultivate it.

There’s not a transcript this week.

Please leave your stories and thoughts about this idea on the website.

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So Much More Is Possible

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Hey, it’s Barb and Nic.

And you can see Jax is hanging out over there. Oh, and there goes Abby. So everyone in our family’s here but Tom. It’s a beautiful day in Texas. I’m so grateful to have such nice weather.

I have a quick message today.

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I Didn’t Know This Was Coming

February 17, 2024 by · 8 Comments
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. .

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The Small Things

February 2, 2024 by · 14 Comments
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The other day, I was reminded of how important it is to celebrate and recognize the small gains we make and not disregard them as insignificant in the big picture of striving to improve.

It’s so easy to wait to celebrate until we get a huge gain, but whether it’s with our horses or with ourselves, seeing the tiny steps is a big secret of positivity and clarity about what’s important to focus on next.

I took a ride on Nic on a gorgeous Texas winter day. (-:

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The Beauty of Vulnerability

January 19, 2024 by · 7 Comments
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Hi, my friends,

For some reason, this week was a challenging one.

There was a lot going on, including the weather (I know, any of you Northerners or Mountain folks have no sympathy for our Southern winter complaints (-:)

Business-wise, there were simultaneously challenging and exciting things happening. On the exciting side is launching a new Master Class for Cutting. I always love these classes. They are some of my greatest joys. My favorite part is the interaction with the students I get to know, and of course, I always learn, too.

On the challenging side, this past week included empathy for a friend going through the hell of a lifetime.

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A Ride In The Fog

January 13, 2024 by · 21 Comments
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Ensure Your 2024 Endeavors Persist

January 5, 2024 by · 12 Comments
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Happy New Year! Woo-hoo! The last time I saw you in a video was last year. (Oh man, the corny jokes. 🤩)

I’m delighted to do this video. I always feel like I’m with you, and I love that feeling.

I hope you had a great holiday. I enjoyed laying low a bit over the holidays. But now, I’m excited for 2024 – excited for a new year.

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“How to Sit Deeper, Part 3”

April 11, 2019 by · 9 Comments
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This video is one more in my “finding your seat” series of video for working a cow. I talk about why it is so important for you to be grounded in your center of balance as you put your hand down after making the cut and before working a cow.

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“How to Sit Deeper, Part 2”

January 10, 2019 by · 1 Comment
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Previously I did Part 1 about developing a deeper seat as you work a cow.

This is Video 2 in that series. While it’s for all who work cattle (cutting, reined cow horse, and ranch cutting riders, etc,) there’s a message here for riders in all discipline.

I also focus on the role of using the horn in cultivating a deep seat.

This is the second video in a series for developing a deeper seat.

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