The Art of Science of Visualization

We all process information and experiences differently. Some of us love to listen to information. Others are visual. And then a percentage of us are mostly tuned into touch.

I’m more auditory. I love to see things, too, but I know I process more readily by listening.

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What Nic Did When in Danger

Nic got into a very hairy situation this past week. The ability to go from a state of overstimulation, fight or flight, to patience and trust really paid off for his safety. That’s what this video is all about.

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Fall in Love with This

Sometimes you know something theoretically, and you think you ‘know’ it, but then a situation comes up and you’re tested a bit. That’s what happened to me this past week, but in a really good way. And the result is I understand the gold in loving the process – and – Nic and I are learning some new skills.

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We Create What We Believe is Possible

I want to share an idea with you — a truth. It’s one of those that’s not new, but it’s been popping up a lot for me these past few weeks.

To move forward with any endeavor, we need to believe it’s possible.

Enjoy the simple graphics in this video that depict what happens when we believe we can achieve a goal and when we doubt.

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Don’t Forget to Ask

Hey, it’s Barb, and I have just a little mini podcast for you today. And that’s because I was reminded of something today that Steve Jobs said. Steve is the founder of Apple, who passed away from pancreatic cancer. But this one particular idea is an excellent piece of wisdom from him.

Here’s the essence of it.

. .

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Strengthen Awareness and Focus

If you’re like me, you’ve been aware of meditating (or have been meditating) for years. Meditation, when done consistently, helps train attention, focus, use of the breath to quiet the mind, nonjudgment, and more.

Visualization, on the other hand, stimulates your subconscious to be aware of a specific end goal.

These two practices have been an integral part of my work for a lifetime. But just as in all things, there’s always more to learn and I love that.

And I love sharing what I learn and experience with you.

I have personally been practicing meditation and visualization more than ever before in my life. I’ve also been sharing specific ones with my students in courses, depending on the topic. It’s turned out to be a huge help to them to get the information into their bones and develop new skills – not to mention they’re enjoying them.

I recorded a new meditation this week for members of the Well Connected Learning Path. I decided to share it with you. Let me know what you think!

I hope you enjoy it.

. .

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When Your Horse Isn’t a Match

You can hardly tell where Nic’s head is because it looks like it’s camouflaged in the cut grass.

As you know, it’s been boiling here in Texas – really hot. Today’s supposed to be our hottest day of the year.

I’m just taking Nick for a little ride, and I wanted to respond to another question I recently received.

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Letting Go of the Outcome Part 2

Last week I discussed the value of letting go of the outcome as we move toward our goals.

After that podcast last week, I got a question from Sue. “About the outcome, if you let it go, how do you negotiate challenges so that eventually you head to the outcome without getting bogged down or reactively detoured?

I want to follow up and talk more about letting go of the outcome because it’s important.

. .

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Letting Go of the Outcome

This past week was a doozie! A good doozie in many ways – and a nightmare in others.

I know from years of mental and life skills training and experience that focusing on the outcome is never good. But I was outcome-challenged last week!

In this week’s Mini-Podcast, I share my experiences and how I navigated them.

. .

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Clearer than before

I love learning, I love teaching, and I love being with you.

When I do programs, both free and more in-depth ones, I always learn. and it feels like I’ve done a big leap in understanding how to break down ‘feel’ and ‘connection’.

I just started a Free Bootcamp for our Well Connected Course coming up, so I’ve been immersed in that. And we’re having a blast!

In today’s video, I share with you what I’ve learned and how things are even more clear for me now about these topics than in the past.

There’s the video only today, no transcript.

Leave a message for me and I think you’d love the Well Connected Bootcamp.

Can Feel and Connection be Learned?
Can it Be Taught?

I want to talk to you today about feel and connection.

It’s interesting because we all hear those two words a lot. Professional trainers, amateurs, and recreational riders want that elusive sense of feel and connection with our horses.

In the past, I’ve asked you to define those terms according to you. That’s because there’s no one definition, and they mean different things to different people.

Right now, I’m going to share my definitions with you.

That’s what this video is all about – and how I teach them.

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Changes and Gratitude

Hey, it’s Barb, and I have a different kind of message for you today.

The first thing is if there’s one thing in our lives that we can always count on. That is change.

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