A NEW!!! Step-by-Step Series of 20 VIDEOS With Concrete Whys and Hows to School Your Horse on the Flag.


The Flag Fundamentals Training Program contains 20 short videos covering 16 Simple Tips that build upon each other to help you strategically school your horse on the flag.

Flag Fundamentals is now available in the digital version only.

Access to the digital version will arrive in your email box immediately. It will provide you with 20 video clips formatted to do all of the following:

Sample video of Tip #5: Come Out of the Turn in a Trot

PLUS … all of the tips include a Home Exercise(s) that will help you apply the strategies to your horse and to your riding.

In addition to the 16 tips, each in its own video, this program also includes downloadable Audios.

In Flag Fundamentals You Will Learn:

Twenty Video Titles:

Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: Tip #1 … Make the Flag Span 100′ Plus
Video 3: Tip #2 … Think in Patterns of Movement
Video 4: Tip #3 … Draw Your Horse Back
Video 5: Tip #4 … Let the Flag Pull Your Horse Through the Turn
Video 6: Tip #5 … Come Out of the Turn in a Trot
Video 7: Tip #6 … Trail the Flag for a Moment
Video 8: Tip #7 … Trot With the Flag
Video 9: Tip #8 … Travel in Straight Lines
Video 10: Tip #9 … Make the Flag the Reason to Correct
Video 11: Tip #10 … Stay Slightly Behind Until a Horse Gets Comfortable
Video 12: Tip #11 … Keep the Flag in Sight for a Horse Who Releases a Cow or the Flag
Video 13: Tip #12 … Mix it up for a Nonchalant Horse
Video 14: Tip #13 … Go Forward for “Wiggling” in a Stop
Video 15: Tip #14 … Back in Short Segments for a Nervous Horse
Video 16: Tip #15 … Move the Flag Quicker for a Slow Footed Horse
Video 17: Tip #16 … Go in Small Circles for a Horse who Loses Attention
Video 18: First Work on the Flag
Video 19: Second Work on the Flag
Video 20: Wrap-up

20 Short (2-5 minutes each) Educational Videos (watch online or download … can be viewed in your smart device) … $150.00 value.

20 Accompanying Audio Clips of Video (listen online or download … can be listened to in your smart device) … $75.00 value
Home Exercises for Most of the Video Tips … $150.00 value
An easy menu that identifies each video and allows you to immediately access that tip’s video, audio and home exercise.


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Your Purchase of Flag Fundamentals Includes
2 Parts:


A Hardcopy DVD


A Digital Version will arrive in your email box immediately with ALL these features:

20 Short Videos … view online or download

20 Audios … listen online or download

Home Exercises


Price: $37.95


My Guarantee


As with all of our products, there is a 100% Guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase. Just let me know within 30 days, and I will refund your money … no questions asked.

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