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"How to Achieve World Class Success in Your Cutting Horse Program"

Riding, Showing and Program Building Success Strategies From Phil and Mary Ann Rapp … the Ultimate Record Breaking Team in Cutting History!
Phil and Mary Ann Rapp:

  • Phil and Mary Ann are cutting’s all-time leading owners with horses that have earned more than $7.2 million.
  • Phil is the all-time leading money earner in all of cutting with $7.5 million.
  • Mary Ann is the all-time leading non-pro money earner with $3.6 million; second leading woman in all categories. She is the only non-pro ranked among cutting’s Top15 all-time money earners.
  • Together they rank 6th among all-time leading breeders with $4.4 million.
  • Phil has won the Super Stakes twice, the Augusta Futurity four times, and the Pacific Coast Futurity twice.
  • Mary Ann has won the NCHA Non-Pro Futurity and the August Non-Pro Futurity twice.
  • In 2011 Phil rode Don’t Look Twice, the NCHA Horse of the Year, World Champion Mare and Reserve World Champion. This year, on the same horse he has won all three 2012 Mercuria Open competitions to date.

Phil and Mary Ann Stated Clear, Concrete Solutions for the Following Challenges During an In-depth "Insights" Live Webcast: 

Regarding mindset for success …

How dreams play a role
Emulating the best
Keys to remaining consistent

Regarding Showing …

Warm-up strategies
Relaxed, attentive mindset
Gauging needed states of energy
Using your feet during warm-up
Degree of a horse being broke

Regarding Judging … 

Most important attributes of winning runs
Smoothness tips
Confidence looks
Herdwork presentation

Regarding Coaching Non-Pros …

Using the left leg effectively
What happens when left leg not used
Riding through things that happen
Staying focused on the cow 
Using your feet
Going forward
Keeping pressure on the cow

Regarding Schooling Horses …

Importance of trotting
Trotting circles for relaxation & body control
Physical maintenance at home and at a show
Importance of physical fitness
Working older horses

Regarding Breeding Prospects and Buying Them …

Pedigree combined with conformation
Combine needed strengths in sire and dam
Importance of good conformation
Importance of athleticism and cow
Importance of cow
Shopping for older horses … cow and smoothness
Always watch the horse

Comments on class structure …

Levels in our sport
Importance of stepping up
Match yourself well

Here are the Questions Asked of Phil and Mary Ann During the Q&A Segement of the Webcast:

1.   How can the NCHA extend the longevity of a cutting horse
2.   Conformation tips for ruling out and selecting a prospect?
3.   Can a sharper spur compensate for a weaker leg?
4.   Address issue of starting horses at two years of age.
5.   Comment on Third Cutting x Don’t Look Twice stud colt.
6.   How deep do you like the ground in the show pen & loping arena?
7.   How do you become a better showman?
8.   Explain using the left leg stronger going to the right.
9.   What traits are desired when selecting a cutting saddle?
10. What’s your program on shoeing?
11. Talk about your great run of success with Don’t Look Twice.
12. How do you rise to the occasion when you get to the finals?
13. What makes Don’t Look Twice so special?


When You Purchase this Program NOW, it Includes:

A Digital Audio of the "Insights" interview and the Q&A

You will receive a Digital Audio version … an hour-and-a-half of listening, or more.

Within two weeks, you will receive access to a Digital Audio replay via an email. It will contain instructions for you to access the interview and the Q&A via a password protected webpage on our site. You may listen at any time from this webpage, or download the following:

  • Individual tracks … question-by-question, topic-by-topic
  • The entire interview
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You will receive a PDF transcript of the interview, which will be contained in the Digital Audio page.



Digital Audio

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