"Insights" Cutting Edition

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“How to Put Your Cutting Showing Skills in Fast Forward!”

Ways to Help You Dig Deep and Improve Your Showing
Kathy Daughn and Lindy Burch came together to give you
great advice to take your showing to the next level.
Kathy Daughn and Lindy Burch

Kathy Daughn
  • NCHA Riders Hall of Fame
  • Earnings of 3.9 million.
  • First woman to be a two-time winner of the NCHA Futurity
  • The leading woman money earner in NCHA history
  • Kathy’s top horses include:
     -NCHA Futurity champions The Gemnist and Royal Fletch
     -Horse of the Year Playin Stylish
     -Four Acres ($229,000)
     -Cee Hickory Gold ($168,000)
     -Roseanna Dual ($154,000)
     -Honkytonk Hickory ($139,000)
Lindy Burch

  • NCHA Riders Hall of Fame
  • Earnings of $3.1 million.
  • First woman to …
      -Win the NCHA Futurity
      -Be sole rider of an Open World Champion
      -Be President of NCHA
  • Lindy has ridden many $100,000+ earners:
      -Bet Yer Blue Boons ($332,000)
      -Shesa Smarty Lena ($211,000)
      -Play Peek A Boon ($205,000)
      -Royal Red Boon ($112,000)
      -Bet On Me 498 ($101,000)

Kathy and Lindy Stated Clear, Concrete Solutions for the Following Challenges During an In-depth "Insights" Live Webcast:




Elements of good runs from their perspective as a judge

  • Present a great 2 ½ minute performance
  • Make a credit earning cut … big emphasis
  • Show courage and control a cow

Defining credit earning cuts

  • Driving cattle out far enough to cause the roll
  • Select and control the cow you cut
  • Importance of the first cut

How to drive out from the body of the herd

  • Rule book definition
  • Moving in a forward motion
  • Smooth and controlled
  • It’s an art … set the stage

Qualities of a good show horse

  • Quick, wide stop
  • Cowiness
  • Strength
  • Desire

How to prepare a show horse and yourself

  • Conditioning
  • Physical and mental warm-up
  • Communication with the rider prep
  • Visualization and mental block out all else
  • Rituals

How to handle a string of “bad” runs

  • Slow down
  • Do things step-by-step
  • Be honest correct mistakes … watch video
  • Just do your job
  • Take personal responsibility

Your top tips to your amateurs and non-pros

  • Practice great cuts
  • Stay even on the cow by working the cow
  • Mentally practice
  • Control the herd before you cut your cow
  • Formula of cow goes, horse goes, we go
  • Stay straight

How to learn how to sit deeply and quietly through the turn

  • Mechanical cow to learn rhythm and mechanics
  • Let the cow make the decision
  • Sit like a church mouse … enjoy the stop
  • Read the cow to see where to be … cow signals

How to learn how to read and work cattle

  • Work cattle on foot
  • Turnback
  • Exercises to push a horse off and back a little

How to not “ruin” a horse as a beginner

  • Keep your position … don’t lie to the horse
  • Stop … rock back … keep your position
  • Relate all to the cow
  • Try to stop a cow when a cow will allow you to do so

How to separate schooling and showing

  • Let the horse have it when they are good
  • Don’t fatigue the horse
  • Do multiple works
  • Focus on what you want to achieve in short windows




Helping older horses get over mechanical cow fears.

People totally new to cutting should expect …

Staying focused before and during a run.

Handling prejudices from a judge.

Credit on cuts … driving a particular cow vs. shape.

Good for a trainer to show a horse first at a show?

How to transition between horses at shows.


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