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“Untangle Your Herdwork.
Master the Art of Credit-Earning Cuts”

During an exclusive “Insights” interview Austin Shepard shared tips you can use immediately to help you solve your herdwork challenges … how to study cattle, move in the herd, and drive out … and more!
Austin Shepard


  • 35 years old
  • NCHA earnings $4.8 million
  • NCHA Riders Hall of Fame
  • 2007 NCHA Futurity Champion on High Brow CD
  • 2011 NCHA World Champion on Bet Hesa Cat
  • 5-time Open Champion at the NCHA Eastern Nationals
  • Won his division of the NCHA Futurity Champions Cup on High Brow CD
  • 6-time winner at the Southern Futurity

The Interview

1. Introduction

2. The importance of herdwork

3. Fundamentals of making cuts

4. Bridging the gap from cutting for shape and cutting a specific cow

5. Watching cattle

6. How to choose cattle for a particular horse

7. How to move within the herd

8. Between cattle routine

9. Strategies for driving out

10. How to coordinate your hands and your feet

11. Austin’s biggest challenge?



1. How do you manage a small herd?

2. How do you make decisions when only a few cattle are left?

3. What is your strategy when you draw late in a set?

4. When you say, “study the cow” what are you evaluating?

5. The meaning of a horse to “get a hold of the cow”?

6. Please explain cutting for shape.

7. Comparison of High Brow CD and Bet Hesa Cat.

8. Meaning of, “Watch the cow’s eye to know what it’s going to do?”

9. Riding and focusing on the cow.

10. Herd splits and there’s nothing in front of you, what to do?

11. Any advice to keep my hand down and not be penalized?

12. When to quit the cow?

13. How to work with helpers at shows?

14. How to eliminate confusion between helpers?


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