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"How to Communicate With Your Horse
Through Bits and Bridles"

With Lynn Palm

Lynn Palm:

  • 34 Reserve and World Championships

  • 4 "Superhorse" Championships

  • Over 50 special bridleless exhibitions with the legendary Rugged Lark, including the 1989 World Cup and 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

With Al Dunning

Al Dunning:

  • Al and his students have won 32 World and Reserve World titles.

  • AQHA World Championships in Reining, Cutting, Working Cow Horse and Western Riding.

  • National Reined Cow Horse Association Open Bridle Champion.


Watch This Video Now About the Interview with Lynn and Al



The Interview with Barb

Track 1: Meet Lynn and Al

Track 2: Snaffle Mouth Pieces

  • Categories of bits

  • Relaxed mouth

  • How a snaffle works

Listen to Al discuss snaffle mouth pieces:

Track 3: Next Steps in Snaffles

  • Five mouthpieces of a "starter kit"

  • Snaffle severity progression

  • English snaffle bits

Listen to Lynn discuss a progression of steps:

Track 4: Stepping-up from Snaffles to Curb Bits

  • Bit progression from snaffles to curb bits

  • Leather and chain curbs

Track 5: How a Curb Bit Works

  • Six steps of bit signals rein to curb

Listen to Al discuss how a bit works:

Track 6: A Discussion of "Feel"

  • How to think about choosing a bit

Listen to Lynn talk about "feel":

Track 7: How to Adjust the Parts of a Bridle

  • Wrinkle rule

  • Adjust to lighten a horse

  • Help a fussy horse in the mouth

  • Curb adjustment rules

Track 8: Reined Cowhorse Facts

  • Curb straps and slobber chains

  • Hackamores and curb bits

  • Vaquero stages of training

Track 9: Common Mistakes with Bridles and Solutions

  • School to show bit

  • Too excited before a show

Listen to Al discuss common bit mistakes:

Track 10: Definition and Feel of a Bridle

  • Matching bits and reins

  • Differences between bridles

  • Slow hands

Track 11: Reins, Curbs and "Feel"

  • Rein weight and width

  • The purchase and shank parts of a bit

  • Curb too loose/curb too tight

Track 12: How to Judge a Bit

  • Composition

  • Horse's response

  • Rules of Thumb for using your hands

Listen to Lynn discuss how to judge a bit:

Track 13: Lynn Talks About Her Climb to be a Professional

  • Despite limited financial resources as she grew up

Track 14: Al Talks About Recovering from an Accident

  • And recovering his self-confidence

CD #2 The Q&A from the Audience

Questions about snaffle and curb bits:

  • Dogbone snaffles

  • When to change from a snaffle to a leverage bit?

  • When to change snaffles on colts?

  • Horse chews on snaffle?

  • Shank ... ring ... D-ring ... egg butt snaffles?

Questions about curb straps, chains, and reins:

  • Slobber straps and bit chains

  • Braided nylon curb straps?

  • Weighted reins?

Questions about various topics:

  • Bit to use for an old bar injury?

  • How to know if a bit pinches?

  • Warm-up in a different bit than a show bit?

  • Horse flings tongue out of mouth?

  • Is a bit too severe?

Questions about barrel horses:

  • Chewing on bit while trail riding?

  • Gag bits?

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  • Individual tracks ... question-by-question, topic-by-topic

  • The entire interview

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