“The Rhythm of Working a Cow”

One challenge in working a cow, is to get all of the pieces of accuracy, form and rhythm to stay correct … no matter the speed of the cow.

This video is a great example of the pretty form and rhythm we all aspire to achieve as we work a cow. Below the video, I explain the component parts of working a cow.

Identify those pieces as you watch Lloyd Cox and Blackish work a cow.

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“Part 4: Working the Cow”

This is Part 4 in our video analysis series.

  • Herdwork Planning (Part 1)
  • Walk to the herd (Part 1)
  • Approaching the Herd (Part 2)
  • Executing Your Two Jobs IN the Herd (Part 3)
  • Proactive cuts (Part 3)
  • Key points for working the cow (Part 4, 5)
  • Between cattle strategizing to build a run (Part 6)

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