“Three Things That Block Learning”

Do you ever feel like you get numb to learning?

I didn’t say numb to wanting to learn. I mean numb to actually absorbing the info.

Often we want a quick solution to what’s bugging us … and right NOW.

We want what we want so badly that we might gloss over wonderful tidbits of information that could appear in ways we least expected them to show up because we weren’t paying attention.

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“7 Ways to Get Ready to Ride”

Riding your horse is a series of beautifully interwoven moves that flow one into the next … into the next … into the next and so on. As a rider, this happens when you are grounded in the moment.

Here are 7 ways to help you prepare for that gorgeous flow:

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“How to Ride From Strength”

Why is it we have a tendency to not always recognize the best in ourselves and in our horses?

When it comes to the horses, of course we care intensely for them, and we see them as generally wonderful … but when it comes to getting on and riding off, we worry about what we don’t want to happen. Often we’re not thinking of their best, or expecting it.

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December is a magical month, I think. Of course, there’s a twinkle in the air for Christmas. At the same time there’s a sense of anticipation for the future … January is just around the corner.

Depending on how things worked out for you this past year, you may be optimistic for 2017, or you may feel a bit sad … wondering if you’ll ever be able to make the kind of progress you desire.

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How would you define “true confidence?” Would you find it in an award or recognition? Would you say it is a feeling of security when you get on your horse? Would you find true confidence if you were calm in most situations?

It’s pretty hard to nail down one definition of “true” confidence because it could be one or all of those things. And it’s so personal.

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If you’re like me, when you get on a horse, you initially think about what you want to accomplish. You’re focused on things that can easily be seen on the outside, like a pretty stop or lead change.

Perhaps if you’re a fan of studying and applying mental skills, you also think about getting focused, grounded and into a state of mind and body that sets you up for success. Good for you on both counts … tuning into both the technical side and the mental side of riding.

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Do you believe in intuition? Do you follow your “gut feelings?”

Paying attention to your thoughts and following where they lead is something some people live by. Others either don’t subscribe to the validity of an inner voice, or they simply ignore it because they don’t trust its ideas. There’s no way to know for sure if those urges are “right.”

I personally believe our intuitive thoughts beckon us to move in a certain direction. Other times we may feel comfortable or uncomfortable reactions to something without knowing why.

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“The Soul of Confidence”

I bet you crave that elusive ‘thing’ called confidence. Sure! We all do. Highly likely sometimes you feel it and you could move mountains … and other times you don’t want to come out from under the covers. Confidence can be an enigma. It’s here today and totally evaporated by tomorrow.

And then there comes the challenges? How do you get it? How do you keep it?

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“The Quiet Mind”

When you ride your horse, I bet you love it when you feel like there is nothing else but you and your horse … and you are grounded and connected with him. Chances are in those moments you have a quiet mind.

The essence of a beautiful ride is your connection with your horse with ease and rhythm … all for the purpose of executing the task at hand. The task might be trail riding, reining, cutting, barrel racing, jumping, dressage. That part depends on what you love. The goal of being present with a quiet mind is one for all riders and is the key to accessing that inter-connected experience with your horse.

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“How to Overcome a Mental Block After a Tragic Event”

Recently I revisited my Insights Interview with Dr. Jim Loehr, “How to Find True Success in Riding.” During the Q&A portion of the program, the question was asked, “How do I overcome a mental block after a tragic event?”

Because this is a question many of us can relate to, I decided to share Dr. Loehr’s powerful answer. Here is the transcript of the Q&A.

I think it’s worthy to note that Sylvia’s tragic event was a horse injury. However, the advice given may be applied to any event that is deemed as tragic … physical, mental or emotional.

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“An Ignition Strategy for Powerful Thinking”

Have you ever wanted to hang on to a thought you knew could make a big difference in not only your results, but also in your joy?

If you’re like me, when certain great ideas come up you think, “Boy, I just need to remember that.”

Then you think about it for a few minutes, or maybe throughout a lesson … and then it’s gone until someone reminds you about it again … or you just happen to remember it somewhere down the road.

That would be me about a lot of things.

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“5 Tips to Kick Out-of-Control Nerves and Make You Laugh”

A question I often get is how to get rid of nerves.

There are a number of strategies and practices for staying calm and focused. They all have to do with replacing your nervousness with clarity about what you really want and positive, empowering emotions.

One of my favorite strategies is humor. Who doesn’t love to laugh? So the next time you start feeling like anxiety is going to pick you up and carry you away, try one or more of the following ideas. They are designed to be humorous … and … to replace your nerves with positive emotions and focus.

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