I Didn’t Know This Was Coming

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8 Comments on I Didn’t Know This Was Coming

  1. Lori A. Krueger on Sun, 18th Feb 2024 2:20 pm
  2. Impact is the word, Barbra!
    After listening to the podcasts, I changed my mindset of thinking, “Oh, I’m retired, old and gray now and losing capabilities” to “I can do this!” I have shared Dr. Stephanie’s thoughts to a friend or two already, and have a couple more horse riding friends who I’ll share the info. with. Thank you so much. It’s a much-needed boost of confidence. Just what I needed.

  3. Melanie on Sun, 18th Feb 2024 2:36 pm
  4. I listened to the whole piece and so grateful they were broken down to obsorbe in little chucks of wisdom and strength. That’s were I took it to keep moving forward in stride.🤗

  5. Candis Molde on Sun, 18th Feb 2024 3:05 pm
  6. I found this to be very uplifting ! It immediately made sense to me ! Many times people ask me why I am still riding horses at my age and immediately I answer them “ Because I still can “ I do not answer them in a cranky way , just the truth ! And this podcast boosted my love of horses even more ! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story 🥰

  7. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 18th Feb 2024 3:26 pm
  8. Hi Barb, It was so fun to see you and Nic out on your beautiful property taking a nice ride. How wonderful to have your stock tanks refilled with water. Yes, that is a big win for sure! And you are right, in that every day there really are many “wins” that we can be thankful for–even getting a good buy at the grocery store is currently a “win”. Ha Because I have a “drill instructor” mentality, I have been working on trying to find those quick releases to let my horses know they have done what I’ve asked them to do. It takes work on my part to do this. Also, I just love the Dr. Burns podcasts regarding handling getting older in a constructive way. All very encouraging–thank you for always finding ways to instruct others in such helpful ways, whether in horse life or other areas of life. 🙂

  9. Karen on Sun, 18th Feb 2024 4:40 pm
  10. Hi Barb, since listening to Dr Stephanie I’ve got a huge spring in my step! They’re way too many around us who say we have to accept aging with grace. Hogwash! I’ve been fighting those darts and not going to give in. She is such an inspiration to all of us, to give it our very best what life offers and make it COUNT! Thank you Barb, you’re right on!

  11. Dawn Brehm on Sun, 18th Feb 2024 6:16 pm
  12. Thank you for always bringing forward inspirational opportunities to lean and grow! Great content!

  13. Lesta Conger on Sun, 18th Feb 2024 6:57 pm
  14. Hi Barb. I love these podcasts. So much in all of them. So grateful for Dr. Stephanie insight. She is so right . I am changing my mindset and stepping lighter. Such a worild of change in how I feel. Thanks.

  15. Brigitte MacKenzie on Tue, 20th Feb 2024 10:04 am
  16. Barba,
    This was awesome, great choice!

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