“Finding Joy in What We Love”

We all have our core beliefs. And thank goodness I believe we don’t all need to share the same beliefs! With that being said, one of my beliefs is that even though I don’t understand why people are taken from us either in what seems to be “too soon,” or in a way that seems unfortunate … or in just the fact that they “have to go” … I believe their work here is over. But those of us who remain still have important work to do.

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I send you the warm thoughts and soft support during this holiday season.

I bet that you, like me, find certain moments to be especially challenging when the unforeseen wash of sadness envelops you. I think we all share that.

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The morning after Zane made his transition to a heavenly life, I got in my car and turned on the radio. Immediately the song “Holes In the Floor of Heaven” came on. (Perhaps if you have not listened to this song in a long time, you are meant to hear it now.)

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This past Sunday morning on 9/11 I was sitting on our deck, drinking coffee and appreciating the softness of an approaching Fall-like breeze. I reflected on that horrific day for America. I thought about the victims. I extended comfort in my heart to the family and friends of those lost. I felt for the all Americans. I sent a prayer up for everyone.

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“Just Stand By My Side”

Recently I was in a gorgeous spot in Montana. I was rendezvousing with friends and teaching, so it was a combination of work and play.

One of the new people I met asked if I would have breakfast with her. The purpose was to get to know each other better and perhaps explore doing some kind of event in the future regarding women, horses, mental skills training and horsemanship.

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“Sweet Clarity”

A couple of days after Zane’s service, my husband and I got in our Dooley truck and headed out from South Texas to New Mexico. We had no particular place to go. It just felt like going to New Mexico would be soothing. It was … or at least as soothing as anything can be in those first few days after his service.

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“Uninvited Gifts”

Zane was 16 and ill with bone cancer for one year before he went on to his heavenly home. I remember so clearly being by his side as he made his transition. That was the most sacred moment in my life and one I will never forget.

I had cared for him so intently and lovingly through that year. Even though I knew he was very ill, I had no idea what experiences awaited me after his passing.

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