“Sweet Clarity”

One of the things I enjoy is getting to know the folks in my online courses. Those relationships are treasures to me. Together we build an awesome community.

When I recently asked participants about their experiences over the past year, in one of the programs a woman made a comment about her bout with loss in 2017.

It really got me thinking about one of the not so obvious gifts of grief, (albeit surely not sought after directly). I appreciate the writer giving me permission to use what she said.

“My personal growth that has transpired since then (my loss) has been, well, immeasurable. In loss, there is clarity. I’m more committed to my horses, more passionate about what I have to give to the world and excited to help others.”

Clarity. Sweet clarity.

Loss seems to rip away the layers of things that just don’t seem important anymore. What we truly value shines through.

We are stripped down emotionally. In those early days, all we know is how much we loved who or what we did that we lost. The hurt feels like someone is stabbing us in the gut.

With time, as the gut punches weaken, but the love and the missing remain, we continue to get more clear about what we truly value. That feels so good amid the fog and the pain. We crave living in the light of those deeply meaningful values … and staying there.

Our dear horses are often the willing recipients of our commitment to live that clarity. With them we know we can be ourselves in our weakened state, as we slowly regain emotional sea legs during a new chapter in our lives.

I know the simplicity of this message is surely not new news to you.

I want to celebrate the horse for helping us heal bit by bit.

I also want to raise a toast to clarity. May we all keep those shining, blessed values in the forefront of our minds as we move forward.

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