I send you the warm thoughts and soft support during this holiday season.

I bet that you, like me, find certain moments to be especially challenging when the unforeseen wash of sadness envelops you. I think we all share that.

I remember the first Christmas season after Zane was no longer here. I was in a Kroger grocery store in Weatherford, Texas. I was picking up a few things when suddenly Christmas songs started playing. I wanted to shout, “Would someone please turn that off?” Of course I didn’t do that … but I did leave my basket right there and walked out of the store. I just had to get out of there.

It’s better now, but I still so miss my dear Zane, and my Mom and Dad. For me Christmas time is a bitter sweet reminder of how much love we shared.

I just wanted to send a note to you and let you know I am thinking of you at this time. We are all here to help each other by supporting each other. And of course, the horse … well he is an awesome healing force from God. For that I am so grateful. Hug your horse.

If you want, share with us below who you are remembering and loving this Christmas season. We all support you.

Holiday warmth,

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10 Comments on WE SUPPORT YOU

  1. sally labree on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 1:55 pm
  2. Seven days ago I found my best friend dead, just out side his stall door..maybe a heart attack they say…still gone say I. .He would have turned 10 this spring. We had spent the last five years learning to read each others mind. Countless hours of teaching. Sometimes I taught him, and sometimes he taught me. We traveled together, had new exciting adventures, and returned home to peaceful thoughts of our lives together. Rest well my friend, I am carrying you in my heart for always…

  3. Janie Larson on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 3:10 pm
  4. I’m missing my mom…….her birthday was Christmas day……..she would have been 100 this year……passing at 97.
    We were mother n daughter. Shameless instigators. Awesome friends. I’ll be 70 on New Years Day.
    I know she’ll be with me at my party. She’ll tell me: “go out and get on a horse…..don’t waste the new riding year!”
    And so I will. Thanks mom!!!

  5. Barbra Schulte on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 6:54 pm
  6. Hugs. Janie. Yes she will.

  7. Barbra Schulte on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 6:55 pm
  8. Thank you for sharing Sally. So sorry. I know you miss him so.

  9. Mary Beth Puryear on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 8:18 pm
  10. I miss my son and wish he could be here to share this Christmas season with us. He has been gone for a year now. I look at his 2 year old son and 3 year old daughter and wish he could help us pass our holiday traditions on to them.

  11. Barbra Schulte on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 8:31 pm
  12. Mary, I know you miss your boy. Sending you warmth. Thank you for your comment. Barb

  13. Sue on Sat, 17th Dec 2016 9:13 pm
  14. This is the first Christmas without my mother. She was 93 years old when we lost her on August 12th of this year. I know she is in a better place and she is watching over us, but I miss her so terribly.

    It’s like you said in your note, sometimes it just hits you and the tears start flowing. I always spent Christmas morning with her after my Dad died so it will be especially hard this year.

    God has blessed me with a beautiful family, children, grandchildren and this year a great grandchild. My beautiful Paso Fino horses are an extra special blessing and have taught me so much.

    Even though I will soon be 70, I still trail ride and really find so much peace just being with them. I pray that I will be able to continue to ride till my last day.

    God bless you this Christmas and thank you sharing with us.

  15. Barbra Schulte on Sun, 18th Dec 2016 7:34 am
  16. Thank you for sharing Sue. Blessings to you.

  17. lin on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 11:06 am
  18. I”m missing my moma. she passed in Oct. this yr. we lost our daddy in 92 & it’s been hard for us, but when you lose both there is such a void. a part of you goes with them. NEVER STOP TELLING YOUR PARENTS HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM & HOW PRECIOUS THEY ARE. I lost my first husband in 84 @ the age of 24. Life is short, death is sure {here on earth}, so enjoy those you love. I know some day I will see them again for they were all saved. But the Holidays are hard. thanks Barbara for your sweet spirit of compassion. MERRY CHRISTMAS & BLESSINGS to you.

  19. Barbra Schulte on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 12:38 pm
  20. All the best to you, Lin. Thank you for your note. Hugs, Bar

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