A Thanksgiving Note

November 23, 2017 by · 13 Comments
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I grew up in Southern Illinois. I was one of five children. We all worked within the family business of buying, showing and selling the 400 plus horses owned by Mom and Dad.

Our parents worked hard. Dad especially was not one to take time off. But on Thanksgiving and Christmas, he would stop long enough to have Mom’s scrumptious turkey dinner with family and friends.

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Zane Schulte Award

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Every year at this time, a committee within the NCHA chooses the recipient of the Zane Schulte Award (in memory of our son, Zane). This is a humanitarian award given each year which acknowledges a professional trainer who exemplifies ethics, character and contribution to our industry.

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“Do You Have These Four Qualities?”

November 2, 2017 by · 2 Comments
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Think back to January of this year and all of the things that have transpired this year. What a trip it’s been, right?

Now, it’s Fall. (Can you believe it?) For me it’s a wonderful time of the year to begin thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2018.

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“How to Find the Courage”

October 2, 2017 by · 2 Comments
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One of the themes in this workshop that may ring true for you is that your imperfections do not define or weaken you. In fact feeling at peace with them and embracing them as your personal next steps forward strengthen you within. It’s courageous and comforting all at the same time to know you are enough as you constantly grow in whatever direction you choose.

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“What’s Your Story?”

September 18, 2017 by · 1 Comment
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Have you ever had someone walk up to you and say, “What’s your story?”

If you’re like many folks, you might say something like, “Oh, I like to ride …” Your answer would be correct, but would it excite YOU?

It’s a common thing to love what we do, but settle for less than what would excite us the most.

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“Did She Really Just Say That?”

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It happens to us all. Someone says something that for, whatever reason, unnerves us a little or a lot.

“Go out there and win!’
“Stop leaning.”
“You’re going to ruin that horse.”
“I can’t believe you just did that! Why did you do that?”

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“The Soul of Competition”

June 16, 2017 by · 16 Comments
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If you’re a competitor, chances are from time to time you might feel anything from anxiety to intimidation. What if I fail? What will they think? What if I let me trainer/spouse/friends down? What if Ill never be good enough? What if I don’t make it?

It can be nerve wracking.

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Quiz: Are You Connected to Your Horse Needs and Wants?

May 5, 2017 by · 6 Comments
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Do you have some nagging frustration(s) about something within the sphere of your horse world?

Most of us do have one or more of the following challenges: not enough time to ride, or making hard choices, or people problems, or sorting through conflicting opinions, etc. Of course, there are many more than just these categories. We can each fill in our own blank.

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“Three Things That Block Learning”

April 15, 2017 by · 4 Comments
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Do you ever feel like you get numb to learning?

I didn’t say numb to wanting to learn. I mean numb to actually absorbing the info.

Often we want a quick solution to what’s bugging us … and right NOW.

We want what we want so badly that we might gloss over wonderful tidbits of information that could appear in ways we least expected them to show up because we weren’t paying attention.

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“7 Ways to Get Ready to Ride”

March 3, 2017 by · 1 Comment
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Riding your horse is a series of beautifully interwoven moves that flow one into the next … into the next … into the next and so on. As a rider, this happens when you are grounded in the moment.

Here are 7 ways to help you prepare for that gorgeous flow:

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“How to Ride From Strength”

January 26, 2017 by · 10 Comments
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Why is it we have a tendency to not always recognize the best in ourselves and in our horses?

When it comes to the horses, of course we care intensely for them, and we see them as generally wonderful … but when it comes to getting on and riding off, we worry about what we don’t want to happen. Often we’re not thinking of their best, or expecting it.

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December 12, 2016 by · 10 Comments
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December is a magical month, I think. Of course, there’s a twinkle in the air for Christmas. At the same time there’s a sense of anticipation for the future … January is just around the corner.

Depending on how things worked out for you this past year, you may be optimistic for 2017, or you may feel a bit sad … wondering if you’ll ever be able to make the kind of progress you desire.

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