“The Best Gift Anyone Can Give
To One Who Grieves”

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I remember feeling so fearful that people would soon forget our son, Zane after he passed on to his heavenly life. The thought of that was gut stabbing.

Recently I saw this quote, and wanted to share it with you.

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“How to Coordinate Your Hand and Feet
on the Cut”

November 10, 2017 by · 2 Comments
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There are three main things going on as you’re walking through the herd to make a cut. The first is effective communication with your horse. The second is reading an ever changing situation. The third is making good decisions moment to moment.

That’s a lot to manage all at one time!

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“7 Steps for Making Good Decisions in the Herd”

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It’s easy to wait to hear your name called and then rely on your trainer for a cow plan as you walk to the herd.

However, I believe this is the slow road to becoming skilled in the herd.

There is so much you can do to set yourself up for herdwork success … as you collaborate well with your trainer or #1 helper.

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“Horses Give Us a Place”​​​​​​​

September 18, 2017 by · 2 Comments
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I really love the quote below. Somehow for me, it rings true.

And … like many of the gifts that come into our lives, it was shared with me through a close friend.

Grief really is love with no place to go … except for those of us who love horses.

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“How to Stop Leaning”​​​​​​​

August 2, 2017 by · 1 Comment
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Have you ever struggled with a pesky upper body that insists on leaning before and through the turn? Do your shoulders and torso have minds of their own?

Try these ideas:

1. Let go of trying not to lean.

Our bodies cannot ‘not’ do anything. You will be well on your way to sitting quietly, deeply and still as you focus on what you want.

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“How to Fix What Went Wrong on the Cut”

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It can be challenging to learn herdwork. There’s so much to absorb about cattle, angles, making decisions about moving targets, etc. This is especially tough if you’ve had little to no experience with cattle before you started your cow career.

Then there’s more to add to the mix of challenges. There’s the impact of your draw in the herd, or the kind of cattle at the show that day (numb or wild or in between) Herdwork is just plain challenging.

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“News! Barbra is Inducted Into the National Cutting Horse Association Members’ Hall of Fame”

July 7, 2017 by · 3 Comments
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“Coach Yourself Like a Champion”

May 30, 2017 by · 2 Comments
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Have you ever noticed that as hard as you try to not do something, it is impossible!

Case in point … don’t think of a purple elephant.

What comes to your mind? A purple elephant!

That’s exactly what happens to us all when we hear what we don’t want to happen during our cutting runs.

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“An Exercise to Develop Feel”

May 23, 2017 by · 5 Comments
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There’s that word again … “feel.”

It can be so elusive. What does that mean? And most importantly, how can you develop it?

To me “riding with feel” means being so connected to your horse that you can sense how to communicate seamlessly with him moment to moment (like a dance partner leading the dance.)

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“When I Think of You, I Feel Love”

May 16, 2017 by · 7 Comments
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It’s been a tough few weeks. Two different families I know quite well, lost a son. Another family lost a 9 year old daughter. A neighbor is nearing the end of his life in hospice.

As you well know, as we comfort others in their grief, we often revisit our own grief.

The good news is that hopefully we are more compassionate than ever because of our own experiences. Of course, it is never easy, but we understand the power of just being by someone’s side.

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“The Emergency Brake/Two-Handed Stop”

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I was recently asked to describe a maneuver I call the “emergency brake.”

It is fundamentally a two-handed stop which is used in a variety of disciplines for a variety of training reasons.

I am describing it here for that use, as well as for the safety of everyone.

It can be used as a stopping maneuver (training or emergency.)

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“How to Guide Your Horse on the Cut”

March 20, 2017 by · 3 Comments
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Guiding your horse smoothly and accurately through quick moves during the cut can be a tricky thing, no doubt.

One reason is that cutting horses are trained with a lot of direct rein that points their nose initially in the direction of the turn. And then the turn is completed with an offside rein and leg to bring the shoulders across the hind quarters to complete the pivot.

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