“The Best Gift Anyone Can Give
To One Who Grieves”

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I remember feeling so fearful that people would soon forget our son, Zane after he passed on to his heavenly life. The thought of that was gut stabbing.

Recently I saw this quote, and wanted to share it with you.

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“What To Do Before Each Part of Your Ride”

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Have you ever heard of Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One?”

According to Wikipedia he is the leading all-time scorer in the National Hockey League. He’s been called the greatest hockey player ever with more goals and assists than any other hockey player.

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A Thanksgiving Note

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I grew up in Southern Illinois. I was one of five children. We all worked within the family business of buying, showing and selling the 400 plus horses owned by Mom and Dad.

Our parents worked hard. Dad especially was not one to take time off. But on Thanksgiving and Christmas, he would stop long enough to have Mom’s scrumptious turkey dinner with family and friends.

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“How to Coordinate Your Hand and Feet
on the Cut”

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There are three main things going on as you’re walking through the herd to make a cut. The first is effective communication with your horse. The second is reading an ever changing situation. The third is making good decisions moment to moment.

That’s a lot to manage all at one time!

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Zane Schulte Award

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Every year at this time, a committee within the NCHA chooses the recipient of the Zane Schulte Award (in memory of our son, Zane). This is a humanitarian award given each year which acknowledges a professional trainer who exemplifies ethics, character and contribution to our industry.

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“Do You Have These Four Qualities?”

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Think back to January of this year and all of the things that have transpired this year. What a trip it’s been, right?

Now, it’s Fall. (Can you believe it?) For me it’s a wonderful time of the year to begin thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2018.

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“How to Find the Courage”

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One of the themes in this workshop that may ring true for you is that your imperfections do not define or weaken you. In fact feeling at peace with them and embracing them as your personal next steps forward strengthen you within. It’s courageous and comforting all at the same time to know you are enough as you constantly grow in whatever direction you choose.

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“7 Steps for Making Good Decisions in the Herd”

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It’s easy to wait to hear your name called and then rely on your trainer for a cow plan as you walk to the herd.

However, I believe this is the slow road to becoming skilled in the herd.

There is so much you can do to set yourself up for herdwork success … as you collaborate well with your trainer or #1 helper.

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“What’s Your Story?”

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Have you ever had someone walk up to you and say, “What’s your story?”

If you’re like many folks, you might say something like, “Oh, I like to ride …” Your answer would be correct, but would it excite YOU?

It’s a common thing to love what we do, but settle for less than what would excite us the most.

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“Horses Give Us a Place”​​​​​​​

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I really love the quote below. Somehow for me, it rings true.

And … like many of the gifts that come into our lives, it was shared with me through a close friend.

Grief really is love with no place to go … except for those of us who love horses.

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“Did She Really Just Say That?”

August 13, 2017 by · 2 Comments
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It happens to us all. Someone says something that for, whatever reason, unnerves us a little or a lot.

“Go out there and win!’
“Stop leaning.”
“You’re going to ruin that horse.”
“I can’t believe you just did that! Why did you do that?”

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“How to Stop Leaning”​​​​​​​

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Have you ever struggled with a pesky upper body that insists on leaning before and through the turn? Do your shoulders and torso have minds of their own?

Try these ideas:

1. Let go of trying not to lean.

Our bodies cannot ‘not’ do anything. You will be well on your way to sitting quietly, deeply and still as you focus on what you want.

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