Will you celebrate with me?

I have something a little bit different for you today. You know how when something really special happens in your life and you want to celebrate with your friends? Well, that’s what I’m doing with you today.

This week I was so honored to receive the American Horse Publication Equine Vision Award.

I’m thrilled. I also want to share a few thoughts with you about the role of having a vision in your life.


Hi, this is Barb.

I have something a little bit different for you today. You know how when something really special happens in your life and you want to celebrate with your friends? Well, that’s what I’m doing with you today.

This week I was so honored to receive the American Horse Publication National Equine Visionary Award.

That award is given to someone who exemplifies outstanding visionary achievement or sustained contribution… that has made a profound impact
on the equine industry.

Whew! I’m so grateful, so honored and so amazed. So I wanted to share that with you.

The other thing that I want to talk to you about is vision because that’s what this award is all about.

I didn’t really set out to have a certain vision that this award acknowledges for the equine industry, but I’ve had a lot of personal visions in my life.

I’ve had a vision of wanting to be a beautiful rider in the cutting arena. I’ve had a vision of an educator that makes a difference by doing a good job and who has the ability to share a message that matters.

The biggest vision I have now is that I strive for myself… and… also for you… to really see your light in your possibilities, and in your horse’s possibilities… and the possibilities of the two of you together. I hope you have this amazing journey full of meaning, and joy, and fun with your horse.

That’s my current vision.

I also want to mention to you that if you don’t have a vision for your riding, I would really encourage you to do so.

I always use this expression, ‘Take out your magic wand and imagine the biggest vision ever of your riding and of your life with horses… and your life with your friends with horses… and all of the things that you love so much.

Don’t hold back.

And here’s the thing. It’s not that you have to reach that vision. Just create it so you have it and it excites you. And just keep moving towards it.

And vision is just a little bit different to me than visualization. Of course, we visualize our vision (smile) but when I think of visualization, I think a little bit more about visualizing your riding and having a plan, feeling it, and getting ready to enter the arena. Get grounded and go over that in your mind.

Vision to me (in the way I’m speaking of the meaning of the word ‘vision’ here) is just holding space for your own awesomeness… and believing in your dreams.

So that’s my simple message for you today.

Thank you so much for sharing my joy.

Leave a comment. Bye bye.

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23 Comments on Will you celebrate with me?

  1. Patricia Bruce-Novak on Sun, 31st May 2020 1:11 pm
  2. Congratulations! Well deserved!

  3. Heather on Sun, 31st May 2020 1:34 pm
  4. Congratulations Barb! We are all so fortunate to be students of yours.

  5. Dori on Sun, 31st May 2020 1:41 pm
  6. Just want to say congratulations and so well deserved and thank you for being you and all you do!

  7. Elaine Bohlin on Sun, 31st May 2020 2:00 pm
  8. Yeah! Congratulations! Well deserved! Glad you’ve been recognized for your vision and that you share that with all of us.

  9. Helen T. on Sun, 31st May 2020 2:20 pm
  10. Congratulations to a very positive person! Well deserved!!!

  11. Cindy Newell on Sun, 31st May 2020 2:37 pm
  12. Congratulations Barb! Thank you for sharing your vision with us. You have made a change in my riding life and I’m sure you have helped many, many others.

  13. Jackie Snyder on Sun, 31st May 2020 2:42 pm
  14. Thank you for including us in celebrating your receipt of this well deserved award. Your positive leadership and inspiration have made such an impact on my life and those of us in the horse world who listen. Keep up the good work!

  15. Deb Perse on Sun, 31st May 2020 3:16 pm
  16. So Awesome! Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Eileen on Sun, 31st May 2020 4:46 pm
  18. Congratulations Barb 👏

  19. Lu Lee on Sun, 31st May 2020 7:10 pm
  20. Wow-so nice for you and well deserved. You have had an impact on me and my riding. I love to ride and have found new joy with my horse. congratulations Barb
    Your friend Lu Lee

  21. Veronica on Sun, 31st May 2020 7:26 pm
  22. Congratulations Barbra! A very worthy recipient of a wonderful award, thank you for sharing this with us all!

  23. Ulrike Minelga on Sun, 31st May 2020 7:54 pm
  24. Congratulations, Barb, on receiving this nice award – you deserve it. What a great time to celebrate with your friends at C Lazy U. I am so missing the time there, and the opportunity to learn from you and Julie. Hopefully we will meet some time again in the future.
    I always look at your videos and posts. Thank you for your input in our lives.


  25. Rick on Sun, 31st May 2020 8:57 pm
  26. Hi Barb, Congratulations on this award and thank you for sharing your words of encouragement on keeping one’s vision.

  27. Tricia Rohlfing on Sun, 31st May 2020 11:11 pm
  28. Congratulations Barb! I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed at C Lazy U and I learned all the wonderful things you are teaching. I love the discipline of training one’s mind – I don’t know of anyone else in the horse world teaching this the way you do. I’m so grateful and look forward to learning more as I go through your online course. Sorry I am missing CLU this year!

  29. Julie Goodnight on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 5:28 am
  30. Proud to be your friend and I always cherish our time together. And I always learn something about myself too For instance, this week, I learned not to photo-bomb.

  31. Marge Tautkus Gunnar on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 9:15 am
  32. Barb, my Dear Friend:

    How wonderful that you have received yet another well-deserved recognition for all you have been to the equine industry. You have been a true friend and mentor to all who have been wise enough to seek access to your wealth of knowledge, which you share so generously. Your teaching comes from a place of love for what you do and the people with whom you share your great insights. It is an honor to call you Friend and to have you as one of the guiding forces for BraveHearts.

    With love and appreciation,
    Marge Gunnar

  33. Harolyn Deason on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 10:35 am
  34. You SOOO deserve that! Congratulations…who k ew living your dream would be recognized as a fabulous, difference making achievement! And we are blessed. Harolyn

  35. susan chris on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 12:24 pm
  36. Congratulations, Barb! Well deserved!
    Thank you for sharing in your celebration. Your inspirational words I receive via email help me every day.
    (Met you at C Lazy U Women’s Retreat a few years back.)

  37. Lynda Savenkoff on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 2:48 pm
  38. Hi Barb!
    I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! 🤠😃😍
    This is truly a well deserved recognition!😂 Your insightful vision has positively impacted equestrians & the entire equine industry!
    Thank you for your work, passion & desire to teach!😍🐴💞

  39. Kristin Reynolds on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 6:49 pm
  40. Barb,
    Your sincere voice alone allows us to connect with your message of taking baby steps toward our vision. Audrey’s young horse has presented the vision challenge to me. To make him the horse of my future I need to put in time and much patience.
    YOU represent that patience and open appreciation of not only the horse but life that has now been rewarded with this recognition. Your depth comes in part from personal tragedy that shows everyone that one foot in front of the other gets us to where we need to be.

  41. Carol MacGregor on Mon, 1st Jun 2020 7:14 pm
  42. Oh WOW, Barb!!! A big congratulations to you on achieving the “Vision Award” and you surely do encourage everyone to have a vision in their mind of what they want to achieve. Having your own vision really does motivate a person to “keep trying” and going forwards for what they want, even in the midst of difficulty. Thank you for that consistent message you proclaim, and how to go about achieving it! And I am thrilled for you. What an honor!

  43. Claire on Tue, 2nd Jun 2020 10:39 pm
  44. They picked the perfect person to award!!! You EXEMPLIFY the description of who the award is meant for-beats a blue ribbon I’d imagine-most any day!!! Congratulations!

    Enjoy the lovely mountains, cooler air and bask in the well deserved aftermath of receiving this award.
    Blessings on your week!

  45. Sandra on Mon, 29th Jun 2020 8:20 pm
  46. Congratulations on receiving this award! You deserve it!

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