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Wildebeest = Speed with Distance

Recently I received a question from a rider about being frustrated in her riding when speed and distance simultaneously increased.

While the example is about working a ‘wilder beast’ cow (ha), I know this is a challenge for riders in any discipline. When speed and distance expand, the degree of riding difficulty goes up exponentially.

But there are some things we can do. That’s what this video is all about.

Hi, it’s Barb.

I recently received this question from Star:

“I clamp with my herd leg in a time of crazy cow turning into a wilder beast. I’m causing my horse to charge. Heck, I may need two shocking collars for my legs and be zapped to quit.

My mind went blank, and I didn’t know I was even doing it.

It happens about three times a year.

I need to be confident I won’t do that. Thank you.”

I know Star is not alone!

I have a couple of thoughts for you, Star.

First, the degree of difficulty of any maneuver becomes more when speed and distance increase simultaneously. In this case, the faster the cow runs across the arena, the more challenging it is to keep all the elements of riding intact.

To remedy this:

Let me know how it goes.