What’s Your Story?

Do you think of yourself as a fabulous storyteller?

You might not consider yourself one, but we’re all good at telling ourselves tall tales.

Many of them aren’t very positive either, like what we think of our ability to do something well or what so and so really meant when they said a certain thing.

Oh my! Can we ever make stuff up?

The problem is that there’s a huge potential for problems to erupt and linger because of these stories.

That’s because we tend to believe them – and THAT is a problem.

Has someone ever made up a story about what they thought your intentions were and what they thought you were thinking – or did – and it was untrue?

It hurts.

That kind of storytelling, whether about ourselves, our horses, or what other people think, is dangerous because we can hurt our hearts or create an attitude about someone else; that’s just not true.

Making up stories – especially the unkind ones – are harsh judgments. These tall tales cloud our perception, openness, and awareness. We’re critical, and then we miss what’s really happening.

A fun way to eradicate this fallacious storytelling culprit is to ask, “What’s the story I’m telling myself right now?”

And then liberate yourself from a potential toxic mind trap by asking yourself Byron Katie’s four questions.

Question 1: Is it true? …
Question 2: Can I absolutely know it’s true? …
Question 3: How do I react—what happens—when I believe this thought? …
Question 4: Who would I be without the thought? …

This self-questioning process is an excellent way to cultivate the character traits of awareness and non-judgment, which open our hearts to the good and the magic in our lives. We might have missed It if we continued telling ourselves false stories.

Enjoy letting go of untrue stories about yourself, your horse, or someone else, and discover immediate newfound freedom, openness, and limitless possibilities.

What say you? 😊 (Tell me quick before I make up a story about what you think about what I wrote! Ha!)

Please leave a comment for me. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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5 Comments on What’s Your Story?

  1. kim kopp on Sun, 1st Oct 2023 2:40 pm
  2. Thank You! A timely letter — “What’s Your Story.” Yesterday I found my self in the manure heap, metaphorically speaking. Nothing good to say to myself. What I find today after reading your letter is that the slope to self-negativity is slippery, and the climb out very hard. But what I also realize is that lessons are harder to unlearn when I am the one holding myself back by the ankles when I start the climb out. That dang learned self negativity. Your words, so well put, have opened the door to self forgiveness for a bit of backsliding while giving me a boost up realizing that what I experienced is a common mistake and I can move away from that mistake with a bit o’ self forgiveness and pick myself off the dirt. And try again.
    Thank you for reaching out with your words of wisdom.

  3. Carol on Sun, 1st Oct 2023 7:23 pm
  4. If you can’t say something nice…say nothing at all. Hmm. Focus on the positive.

  5. Leslie Gail Sapergia on Sun, 1st Oct 2023 7:36 pm
  6. The stories we tell ourselves can really be damaging. I thank you for this message today, as it provided a necessary reminder for me.

  7. Melanie Gray on Mon, 2nd Oct 2023 4:38 am
  8. I had a program called Whats your story. It helped so many along the way to learn how to turn the negative into better thoughts about themselves and others. The horses were the story teller in the program which also gave them the chance to visual it as well as see it up front . Also asked did you Create it and did you Cause it
    If either one was mentioned we worked on it from there . If not learn to let that go and move forward in stride .
    Love this this morning a great reminder 😊

  9. Robin Nichols on Wed, 4th Oct 2023 9:37 pm
  10. Those four questions really get to the heart of the issue and are so useful. Rhonda came up lame today right as I’m supposed to leave for a show tomorrow. I was so disappointed and it felt like a true disaster. My mind started down the path of permanent awfulness. I stopped it using the questions and the story stopped. I’ll have to see how she is in the morning. 😊

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