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Watch the Livestream: Nic and Will in Fort Worth

Today, Sunday, July 24th, Nic and I leave for Fort Worth to go to the NYCHA Shootout Cutting. Will Boekcle will be Nic’s veteran mount. Today’s video gives you the itinerary of what we’ll be doing and how you can watch it on live stream webcasting.

If you would like to follow along with our adventures, here is our itinerary and, most importantly, how to access the live feed webcast on Wednesday at 9:00. The 9:00 hour is a hard and fast time, and Nic and Will drew #2.

Be there before 9:00 to catch the action for Will and all of the BraveHearts veterans.

Sunday, July 24th:

Monday, July 25th:

Tuesday, July 26th:

Wednesday, July 27th: