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Truth Serum for Achieving Excellence

Have you ever ridden out of an arena at a show where you were with many people, and all you could think about was what went wrong?

OMGosh – who hasn’t done that! And maybe your lamenting wasn’t restricted to just those few minutes after walking out the exit gate. The mental lashing can go on and on.

When the dust settles, and your heart rate goes down, at least a few hours or so later, or maybe the next day, it’s the ideal time to do a 5-star review of your ride.

That’s what this video is all about.

Remember the Podcast I did a few weeks ago when I talked about being methodical and detailed about preparation?

I spoke of your skill sets, technically, mentally, and emotionally – your horse’s emotional and technical skills – and then the two of you together.

And how did you do ‘under pressure’ (which means being seen at a specific time and place and performing when they called your name)?

The more you can see these elements objectively, the better.

You want to own your successes so you can build on your momentum!

This is super important and so overlooked.

Next, see where things got either a little (or a lot ) shaky! Again, could you go through what you need to do, what your horse needs, and what you need to develop together?

You came to the show to do your best – not your worst. So when you watch your video and consider all that’s involved, where will you focus your energy next time you ride?

What do you think is most vital for you to improve?

Lots of people may have an opinion but consider who has earned the right for you to listen to their opinion. Indeed, this is true of yourself. (-:

You can take inventory of your horse’s performance, too.

Then there’s the judge’s sheet! Or the timer. Considering these good (and sometimes not-so-good sources of feedback) will give you critical information for future improvement.

Ultimately, competition gives us a focused way to keep getting better in a responsible way – not to mention the fun of being with treasured friends.

This past week I’ve been releasing a free podcast series. They are yours to keep, and they’re packed with tips and information you can use to go through a sequence to set you up for success on show day.

I always want to say, “this is the most important step,” but the truth is they all are. (-:

However, this Five-Star Review step is like taking truth serum for achieving excellence.

Please leave a comment and let me know your questions and topics to cover in the upcoming Webinar series.

Next week, I’ll share everyone’s concerns, and you’ll see your never alone.

See you then and leave a comment.