The Deep Running River
that Influences Everything

It’s Barb and this week I have a podcast for you.

As you know, last week we rang in the new year – and it was exciting because there’s always something special about fresh beginnings that’s so hopeful.

And at the end of last year, I saw more clearly the rhythm in one year.

For example, January and February are typically the times we naturally lay low, take care of ourselves, plan for what’s to come, and start getting revved up for Springtime.

. .


Here’s how I’m going to do it.

Imagine four buckets hanging on a pipe fence. Start at one end and go down the line.

  • One is for our lives with horses (understanding them, being with them, riding them, their healing powers, discipline skills, etc.)
  • The second is for you and your ability to get present, focused, and stay slow on the inside – at will – when we’re around or riding our horses.
  • The third is how we relate with other people. This is important because of our very innate and human desire to connect.
  • The fourth is what I call Confidence Within. It’s all about your heart, values and what you believe is possible for you.

So here are some of the comments I received.

In the celebrations category for 2022:

Bucket #1: Regarding Horses:

  • Two folks said they were thrilled to have Improved their relationship to the trusting level with their horse.
  • Another improved their feel in the saddle.

Bucket #2: In the Grounded Confidence and Focus at Will Department:

  • One person made great strides in their confidence issues.
  • Another was thrilled to pause everywhere and stated how that positively impacted all parts of her riding:
    • Before getting on
    • Setting intentions in the saddle
    • Pausing and focusing in the show pen
    • She also said she now practices to progress, not to be perfect.

Bucket #3: In the Relationships with Other People Category:

Two people dared to move to a new trainer who is now helping them with their confidence issues.

Bucket #4: In the very personal Confidence Within Department:

  • One took great care of their health and is happy to ride again.
  • Another realized she needed to look after herself and did!
  • A third says she’s a better overall person.
  • A fourth feels she stayed more positive about horses and life.
  • And a friend of mine found herself loping across the plains in Mexico for her 80th birthday – and – learned to stop, draw and turn via what she called ‘the famous Schulte lungs.’
  • Another developed a deeper relationship and more joy with her horse and said that, strangely, these things filtered into other parts of her life, too.

Now, when it comes to what they want to achieve in 2023:

Bucket #1: Regarding Horses:

  • One woman wants to show in high-level competitions at age 65 and is thrilled to be going for it.
  • And my Moab/Mexico friend (who commented on my lungs!) is adding to her horse herd.

Bucket #2: In the Grounded Confidence and Focus at Will Department:

  • One woman wants to develop her confidence with a horse she recently returned to her.

Bucket #3: In the Relationships with Other People Category:

  • No one in the group mentioned anything about this area.

Bucket #4: In the very personal Confidence Within Department:

  • One person plans to spend more time together with her horses.
  • Another wants to get back in the saddle and write a book.
  • A third is focused on health and happiness in their purest forms.
  • The woman who developed a better relationship and more joy with her horse asks how to expand that.
  • And a fifth, she loves having “alone” time with her horse. She’s newly retired and is happy to ride when her friends are at work. A whole arena to herself is a new luxury.

I think it’s very telling and revealing that the Confidence Within bucket had the most comments in both the 2022 celebrations and in the looking forward to 2023 areas.

And that’s because, research tells us that when external results (which are fantastic) are over, what matters most is to continue fearlessly pursuing what we love and having the courage to do it.

I’m not talking about an ‘I’ll show them’ kind of way, but in a ‘checking in with our hearts way’ – and then going for it full boar ahead.

We each have our own preferences and our own journeys and being true to ourselves is what brings about joy – and – high performance.

This kind of very quiet, internal confidence, which is a more generalized optimism and positive expectation, lies below the surface of all we do. It impacts every inch of every part of our horse lives, from what we believe is possible for us to what trainer we choose, or what clinics we go to, or how much we stay in the moment with our horses.

Confidence Within is like a deep running river that influences everything.

This week, on Tuesday, I’ll begin a four-part free workshop series. We’ll explore more what I mean by Confidence Within and how it impacts every dimension of our lives with horses, from riding to just being with them to the joy they bring to our lives – and why it’s important and not just “fluff.”

Confidence Within is that Inner Voice that’s constantly whispering to us, so we want it to be in line with what we want and what matters to us. And that’s unique for every person.

This year, I’m doing four live virtual trainings all about Confidence Within (with replays, of course), so I’m looking forward to being with you and having fun!

Again, it’s free, and you can read all the details by clicking the link below this podcast.

Ok! Leave a comment for me. What did you think of how I broke our horse lives into chunks and how they all work together?

See you in the workshops!

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6 Comments on The Deep Running River
that Influences Everything

  1. Johanne Edwards on Sun, 8th Jan 2023 8:55 am
  2. Barbara , your teachings came along to me just when I needed them most . I’m 63 and just finished your book “The Gift”. I’m craving for more. I’m almost 2 years in with a wonderful 16 yr old QH gelding who’s been there done that. Helping me learn ranch riding..I’ve tried boxing cattle a few times as he knows cattle. I’ve been working on my confidence and he’s helping me . I’m not very technically gifted but I am craving more from you. Have recommended your book to others..I’ve recently made some lifestyle changes which is helpful in finding my inner strength through God..I feel I’ve always been my worst enemy in the saddle..I train hard then I get to show and I don’t sleep well, and block out or sabotage my own there a way to do your clinic in Oregon even if you aren’t an advanced cutter or cattle participant ? Currently I show local Buckskin and open all breed locally . Thank you for what you do

  3. Kathryn A Godsiff on Sun, 8th Jan 2023 3:27 pm
  4. I’m so looking forward to the workshop! I really like the bucket analogy and find it less overwhelming to break ‘life’ into smaller segments. I’ve had a tough year with a horse who hasn’t worked out, and am now looking ahead to my time with a 17yr old Morgan gelding. Our buckets are waiting to be filled!

  5. Candis Molde on Sun, 8th Jan 2023 6:37 pm
  6. The podcast was really good , it made me go down the path of deeper learning and more understanding. I’m 66 and still love riding and am fascinated just being around these magical friends we call our horses ! I am spending more and more time just watching them and enjoying more and more and more . I am deeply in love with my horses , they fill me up !

  7. Patti Chiarelli on Mon, 9th Jan 2023 11:13 am
  8. Looking forward to this series. Confidence is my weakest point and breaking the process into buckets really helps. Can see how each element works with the others. I do feel being in the right environment makes a big difference too.

  9. Dawn on Mon, 9th Jan 2023 3:04 pm
  10. I love the visualization of the 4 buckets on the pipe fence. The beginning of the year is the perfect time for reflection, resetting ourselves, and moving forward with confidence into spring and show season. I absolutely love your positivity and authenticity, Barb. When you speak on your podcast or videos, I always get the sense that I’m sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and discussing horses with my best friend. Thanks Barb for just being you!

  11. Devon Camilleri on Tue, 10th Jan 2023 3:28 pm
  12. Had to pull out of last season NRCHA and SHTX shows due to pain and get a new right hip. Just now walking again and my reined working cow horse thinks he must be retired but I have other ideas. Hope all the parts make riding a pleasure again so I can consentrate on the pattern. Thank you, Barb, for touching on the negative drip and building our inner strength.

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