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If you’re like me I bet you want your horse to stand still when you get on. Of course you do. You would like to think you ride a well mannered horse, right? Plus, it’s super comfortable to have a horse that stands still as you throw your leg over the saddle.

Ideally you want to know that your horse would stand there all day if you didn’t ask him to move. He should be truly relaxed and content to be motionless. There’s a big difference between that attitude and a token five seconds of standing still all the while with ants in his pants!!

When a horse truly remains motionless and stays relaxed as you get on, there is a lot of benefit to starting your ride this way. Here are three additional reasons why it’s important for your horse to stay quiet as you mount up:

1. The number one reason is for your safety and for the safety of everyone around you. A horse who stands perfectly still and patiently waits for you to tell him what to do next is predictable … and predictability spells safety for you.

2. A horse who is content to stand quietly is typically calm mentally in that moment and for the next moments to come. He is willingly waiting for you to be the leader of the relationship … as it should be. His still patience sets up a peaceful and willing partnership tone for the entire ride.

3. When you’re truly patient and waiting to be sure your horse is quiet, you have the opportunity to relax and insure that you are in a calm frame of mind, too. This is an invaluable opportunity to begin your ride in a focused mental state. You can take this initial time to plan what your next move will be and how you will ask your partner to proceed.