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Set Your True North

It’s that time of the year when I bet you’re getting out and about.

This is Part One of a four-part series about steps you can take to set yourself up for success and when you ride in environments outside of your comfort zone.

I talk about it as it relates to showing, but the four steps in this series can be for any time you go to new places and ride in front of folks that are not your best buds.

I also asked last week to let me know about your challenges in four areas:

1. Set Your True North
2. Prepare and Polish
3. Compete with Confidence
4. Do a 5-Star Review

I received a lot of fantastic suggestions, and I’m so grateful. Please keep them coming. This video digs into Part One: Set Your True North.

Setting a True North is composed of things you can’t see on the outside. It’s built on clarity about what you want, an inspiring personal purpose, a compelling vision, values that guide you and a focused internal state, and a support team who would jump over the moon for you.

First, I have a story for you.

It’s about a woman I knew years ago who dug into all of these invisible pieces and did well as she stayed super focused and clear about her job with her horse and what she was doing. She rode in several western disciplines. We covered all of these things; she developed them and excelled.

She built a solid personal foundation – temporarily.

But then, she thought she could take those pieces for granted, and she was surprised to fall from grace in the results department. She began to worry about other people, and she did not work on her mental game, among other things.

She thought once you had those elements, you just had them – they would be there forever. But that’s not true.

Setting Your True North is like building a solid foundation. Over time, you must keep checking in to make sure it’s still clear and strong.

It’s the same as thinking once you have a foundation under a house, you will never have to tend to it again. But as you know, if a foundation gets cracks, if the ground shifts, or wood rots, you have a problem.

Setting Your True North reflects your heart and your foundation for all you do. It has elements only you know and can follow through on to set yourself up for success internally.

You reflect on them, put them in place, and never let them go.
Sometimes they might change – but your commitment to having them be part of everything you do never varies.

Again, Setting Your True North is composed of things you can’t see on the outside. It’s built on a personal purpose, a compelling vision, guiding values, a focused internal state, and a group of folks who support you.

You know it’s your journey and your scorecard. You measure your success according to you. And because you are committed to a calm and focused internal state, you replace your nerves with calmness.

Those are just a few of the positive outcomes of doing a great job Setting Your True North and revisiting it often.

And here’s one more powerful point. Your True North will help you rise again when things go South.

You see – your true North is internal. The other steps,

are a bit more external. But nothing happens on the outside before it happens on the inside first.

So there you have it for Setting Your True North. Could you please let me know what you think in the comments? I am looking to apply your situations to my explanations so I can help you solve your challenges – and help you keep getting stronger.