Ready for the big show?

Fall is an exciting time if you’re about to go to your big, end-of-the-year show.

Of course, you want to do well and want both you and your horse to look good and perform well in the show pen.

Let’s make this last hoorah for the season memorable and successful.

That’s what this video is all about.


Wherever you are with your horse, whatever your situation might be – know you are on your journey.

You are enough, and you have nothing to prove to anyone.

When you feel pressured and focus on results outside your control, it’s easy to feel anxious and distracted from your real job: getting yourself and your horse ready to show and doing your best moment-to-moment in the show pen.

Decide what you will do to get you and your horse ready before you show and then in the show arena – the things over which you have direct control.

Make the most important measure of your success if you completed what you decided to do for yourself and your horse in the warmup and the show arena.

Focus on those things like a laser beam, like how you will warm your horse up on show day, how you will come back to being calm when you feel pressure, or what your pre-ride ritual will be.

Do your job. That truly is all there is. You. Your horse. Your job.

And here’s a quick reminder. You compete because you love your horse, putting yourself on the line, your friends, and your struggles!

Regardless of the external results, always remember the effort you gave, the challenges you overcame, the joy of your friendships, and of course, your horse.

Have a blast! Go get ’em and please leave a comment.

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2 Comments on Ready for the big show?

  1. Marcy Doran on Sun, 18th Sep 2022 1:29 pm
  2. Excited to see you at RTTH in a few days.

  3. Barbara Edmonds on Tue, 20th Sep 2022 3:28 am
  4. My very first class with my new dual try mare this year I told my husband and my trainer that I was going to win my belt buckle. They snickered / I came out and collected my belt buckle My husband was teary eyed / my trainer was confused they both asked how I did it. I said “ I told you I was going to win it. Next class I want to mark a 74! 😊😉

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