Part 3: Shine!

Hi, it’s Barb,

I’m here with Nic, and we’re continuing our 4-part series called Shine in the Show Pen. In this video, Part 3, Get Your Shine On, we’ll talk about the actual day of the event.

These are the moments you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy!

Hi, my friends,

I’m here with Nic, and we’re continuing our 4-part series called Shine in the Show Pen.

It’s all about setting yourself up for success with four specific steps so that when you and your pony go to a show – or you go to a clinic – or you go on the trail – or any event away from home – you feel ready so to present the best of you and your horse during that event.

In Part One, we talked about Setting Your True North. What do you want, and why do you want it? What’s important to you? What does success mean?

Then for Step Two last week, Prepare and Polish, I did a mini-podcast about the importance of preparing you and your horse at home before the event. You work on getting both of you ready – methodically and strategically.

In this video, Part 3, Get Your Shine On, we’ll talk about the actual day of the event.

Part 4 will be about how you review the results post-show-day.

Then towards the end of this month, I’ll do a webinar series that will dig deep into these four areas. Those online workshops will include the feedback I get from you. So please send your ideas to me!

We’re starting here in the barn today because show-day activities begin way before you walk into the arena. The beginning of the day includes things like when you feed your horse (and yourself!) – your horse’s warm-up, if and how you practice – those kinds of activities – just to name a few.

In a few moments, we’ll go out to the arena, where we’ll continue discussing how to get your shine on for show day!

(Barb in the arena with Nic)

Here we are in the arena, and although it doesn’t look that way, it’s super muddy. But I wanted to come out here anyway to get that feeling of being in the arena.

Let’s fast-forward a bit. You’ve gotten your horse ready to walk into the show pen. Before entering the arena, do a pre-ride ritual. This routine will get you both calm, and focused on your job.

Now, enter the arena and begin your ride. The goal is to maintain a calm moment-to-moment presence during your entire ride. You’re grounded, clear, and connected with your horse.

As you ride, you ask your horse to take a specific action.

Then based on the horse’s response, you ask again. Ideally, there’s a seamless communication and flow of energy between you. You are performing.

If you make a mistake, you remain unflappable, and no one can tell it on the outside. You think, ‘no problem’ and go right to the next moment.

So there you have it – a little thumbnail about setting yourself up for success on show-day.

Again, please leave a comment or respond to this email and let me know your challenges on show day. I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 Comments on Part 3: Shine!

  1. Kathy McBride on Mon, 16th May 2022 6:41 am
  2. Hey Barb, great information. I think the pre-ride ritual is missing from my show day. Some tips on what that might look like or how you create that would be helpful.

  3. Lloyd Estes on Mon, 16th May 2022 2:37 pm
  4. Hi Barb, Did you develop the “Rise And Shine” adage ? Hauling and stalls bring new experiences. Feeding at 3:00 AM is earlier than most others.While your horse is quietly munching breakfast, others are kicking and complaining, possibly becoming sore. Instead of tying a square knot in the lead rope to secure the stall door,try a dog knot.Then, a square knot will indicate a trespasser has been there, suggesting the horse requires closer inspection.

  5. Jane Lewis on Mon, 16th May 2022 7:19 pm
  6. Hi Barb, Your podcasts are great.. the pre-ride ritual is very helpfull when it comes to “talking yourself off the ledge”.Sometimes , as a Non-pro it is hard to find that time for yourself when your coach is trying hard to do their job too. They feel they have to give you that last minute pep talk at the gate. I will have to find a happy balance.

  7. Kelly Scilingo on Thu, 19th May 2022 6:45 pm
  8. How to drive up and be clean and pretty to Mark an extra point right off the bat. To make the judge take notice and look like I have the confidence through the run.
    In my mind I have confidence but it’s the finishing points I am struggling with.
    Thank you for the help!
    Look forward to the seminar!

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