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“Part 1: Cutting Video Analysis Herdwork Plan Review”

In this multiple part video analysis series, I will dig deep into key fundamentals you can immediately apply to your cutting runs. I will breakdown these critical elements:

To do this I’m using a Youtube video posted by Cutting Horse Central during which Austin Shepard coaches his son, Cade. Austin has a go-pro camera mounted on his hat. While the quality of video is not ideal, there are priceless, classic coaching points made by Austin.

This video depicts “real life” in the cutting pen as experienced by the cutter being coached.

In this multiple part series, I will identify key take always for you to use in your runs during very specific … very individual … segments of a show run.

Video time window, :38 – 2:00 
Herdwork Plan Review

Austin reviews the fundamentals of a classic herdwork plan. This includes a discussion of specific cattle to cut, as well as reminders to cut clean and in the center of the pen.

1. Austin discusses five cattle. As you watch Cade’s cuts during his run keep these cattle in mind:

2. Austin reminds Cade and the other herd-holder that the goal is to cut clean and in the middle of the pen:


1. Have a herdwork plan. It is essential.

2. Make cutting smoothly priority number one.

In Part 2 of this multiple part series, I will talk about the importance of how you walk to the herd. There is more to this than meets the eye! I will also dig into key fundamentals as you move in the herd to ensure that you make a cut in the middle of the arena.