Nothing Like a Beautiful Story #1,
Meggan Hill- McQueeney

We all love a great story. It can be adventuresome, inspiring, hilarious, or a combo of many things.

I just returned from the annual Cowgirl Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon. My dear friend and soul sister, Meggan Hill McQueeney, was inducted this year.

I want to share her beautiful story with you as written in the luncheon program.

Meggan Hill-McQueeney finds answers through faith, and on the back of a horse. Born a congenital amputee with only her left arm, the healing power of the horse helped her discover her life’s passion.

She is now running the largest veteran horsemanship program in the nation.

Meggan grew up riding every horse she could, competing in western pleasure, hunter/jumpers, and eventually cutting. Her summers were spent wrangling, running a thoroughbred farm, and teaching riding.

In 1996, she met a family whose 4-year-old son with Down syndrome had never talked or walked. Sitting on the back of a horse, he signed “horse” – the very first word he ever communicated.

She soon started dual therapeutic riding programs in Colorado and Illinois, both highly successful for children with various diagnoses. Along with a psychology degree from the University of San Diego, she became a PATH Master Level Instructor, a Special Olympics Coach, and a USEF Para-Dressage Paralympics Coach.

In 2010, Hill-McQueeney accepted the role of President at BraveHearts, a horsemanship program for veterans. She grew the operation by acquiring a second farm, establishing an outpatient clinic for hippotherapy, and adding equine-assisted psychotherapy.

BraveHearts serves over 1,500 participants every year. A wide variety of programming is offered, such as Operation Mustang, which teaches veterans to gentle wild mustangs. More recently, she established a partnership with the NCHA, allowing veterans to compete at the Derby by training with professional horsemen.

For her work, Hill-McQueeney received the 2015 PATH Intl. James Brady Professional Achievement Award.

In the United States, more than 20 veterans are lost every day to suicide. Hill-McQueeney heard many vets explain that finding purpose with horses had prevented them from taking their own life.

In 2017, she launched Trail to Zero to educate the public on the healing power of horses and ride to reduce the number of suicides to zero. She has led 22 Trail to Zero rides with veterans and mounted police units, riding 20 miles through cities like New York City, Washington D.C., Houston, Lexington, and Chicago.

In 2023, she led the ride in Normandy, France across Utah Beach with United States, United Kingdom. and French veterans, bringing global awareness to suicide prevention through healing horsemanship.

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11 Comments on Nothing Like a Beautiful Story #1,
Meggan Hill- McQueeney

  1. Angie Schindler on Sun, 19th Nov 2023 2:42 pm
  2. What an amazing woman ns so inspirational. Changing lives on so many fronts. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ann Wild on Sun, 19th Nov 2023 4:24 pm
  4. Thank you for persevering & show all who will listen the powerful healing of horses. You are such an inspiration to all. My very BEST to you & your team❣️ Ann

  5. Maureen Barman on Sun, 19th Nov 2023 5:19 pm
  6. Wow what an inspirational woman! God bless her for helping so many

  7. Lucille Menzies on Sun, 19th Nov 2023 6:31 pm
  8. Fabulous story and so heartening. Thank you very much for sharing.

  9. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 19th Nov 2023 8:04 pm
  10. Hi Barb, OH MY!!! It’s hard to add anything as a comment in that Meggan Hill McQueeney has contributed so very much to man kind!!!! What an amazing story and so inspirational. Thank you!!!

  11. DeAnna Ball on Sun, 19th Nov 2023 11:55 pm
  12. Oh my! Meggan I am so humbled to hear your story! Thank you for taking on such an important role in helping Veterans through those experiences on horseback. You truly must be the right person at the right time with the right background and the right attitude! Thank You! I am so glad you are being honored in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame!!!! Congratulations!

  13. Andy on Mon, 20th Nov 2023 7:20 am
  14. What an incredible story and accomplishments!
    Meghan’s story reminds me that I can accomplish way more than I thought! She is an inspiration and role model!!! I’m trying to take it all in!
    It’s an encouraging story!!!!!! And encouraging is really needed some days!
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. Carolyn Peckham on Mon, 20th Nov 2023 10:52 am
  16. Thank you Barbara for sharing the story about Meghan with us. I would love to meet her someday. Hopefully she will continue to return to The Cowgirl “reunion” each year so we can continue to celebrate her along with the rest of the honorees. You all are so inspirational!
    Thank you.

  17. Roberta Rollins on Mon, 20th Nov 2023 1:44 pm
  18. What an woman who is changing the lives of many with what she is doing! Definitely deserves to be in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.!

  19. Caroline Mackinnon on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 12:09 am
  20. All I can say is WOW!
    A present day saint.
    The world is so lucky to have her.

  21. Marge Gunnar on Wed, 22nd Nov 2023 7:42 am
  22. My Dear Barb:

    We, at BraveHeaerts, are beyond blessed to have Meggan as our President/CEO. We are equally blessed to have you as our very dear friend. God has, indeed, blessed us at BraveHearts through his gift of two beautiful and exceptional women!

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