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Nic’s Upcoming Adventure

Last year at this time, Nic and I had two great adventures together.

We had the good fortune to be a part of a magnificent outing with the BraveHearts Therapeutic and Education Program for veterans in Harvard, Illinois. Last year 18 veterans showed in a cutting horse competition in Fort Worth, Texas, during one of the legs of the National Cutting Horse Association’s Triple Crown – the Summer Spectacular.

Nic was a show horse for veteran Alex Rodriguez, and I was their coach. Alex was marvelous – and Nic did a great job, too.

In this video, Nic and I are getting ready to go to Oklahoma for practice later this month. Then Nic and his vet will show in Fort Worth in July. We’re working at getting in shape and practicing – going to the vet for a check-up, working the flag, etc.

Last year members of BarbraSchulte.com sponsored two veterans by raising money with donations both big and small (nothing is too small) – $8000.00! This year we’re going for it again!

There’s no transcript for this video today. You’ll have to watch Nic and me huffing and puffing! LOL

I have one more touching note.

Last year, one of the most gregarious vets, Victor Ayalas, passed on after a bout with Covid. So this year, our Barbra Schulte group sponsorship is named Ayalas’ Angels in memory of Victor.

If you want to be an Ayalas Angel, please send whatever amount possible directly to BraveHearts. Their address is below the video. We have a goal of $10,000, and we can do it! 🙂

Enjoy seeing Nic and me trying to pull it together in this video!

Donations can be made to:

BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center
7319 Maxon Rd.
Harvard, IL 60033

Thank you, lots of love, and leave a comment below the video.