Live What You Love – Never Give Up

It’s not always easy to know what to do and what direction to take next. But there’s a 2-part recipe to help you follow your dreams with excitement and conviction. That’s what this week’s mini-podcast is all about.

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Think of someone you so admire. Someone who is a true master.

See if what I’m about to say is true.

First, they live what they love.

They follow their own heart and always say ‘yes’ to where their natural desires take them.

Now, as you know, we’re all different, so that’s why it’s so important to listen to our own hearts.

Genuine and authentic passion is in our soul – and those who decide to follow it can’t live without it – to the point of trusting where it will take them and never giving up when the inevitable heartbreaks happen.

It’s a mindset that setbacks can never stop them – they are stepping stones – something done for their ultimate benefit, not something done to them to harm them.

Everything – even adversity – takes them closer to their dreams.

So, the recipe has two parts.

The first is to listen to your heart so you can follow the light of what you love – no matter what the rest of the world is doing. That kind of genuine passion can’t be faked. It’s like a power pulling us to what we’re meant to do.

And then, keep going.

Giving up is not an option. With every effort invested in practicing, learning, and putting yourself on the line, you get to do what you love and keep improving.

You’re in it for what it does for your soul.

Live what you love, and never give up.

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11 Comments on Live What You Love – Never Give Up

  1. Linda vandenbosch on Sun, 8th Oct 2023 1:51 pm
  2. Love this reassurance that I’m following my deep love of horses and it’s not ‘weird’ and I should not let it go. It makes me whole and has been a saving grace despite some pretty hard adverse times when I feel like it’s all slipping out of my grasp.

  3. Carol on Sun, 8th Oct 2023 8:19 pm
  4. Amen. Couldn’t say it better!

  5. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 8th Oct 2023 11:52 pm
  6. Hi Barb, These are powerful thoughts regarding pressing on to what you have a passion for and love to do. Thank you for stating it so clearly!!!! Very encouraging indeed. 🙂

  7. Megan Roughley on Mon, 9th Oct 2023 2:53 am
  8. Yes! This! I now have stage 3 COPD and am having to adjust everything I do in the saddle. Luckily, the horse I’m riding is one I bred, broke and brought on myself, and he’s been amazing in helping me. It’s quite a learning curve for both of us, but I’m not giving up. It’s what is keeping life good. Thanks for these thoughts!

  9. robyn kilmister martin on Mon, 9th Oct 2023 3:39 am
  10. Lovely words, thank you.

  11. Candis Molde on Mon, 9th Oct 2023 7:35 am
  12. I love your comments , they always make so much sence !! Thank you dear lady for helping so many others .

  13. Shawn Smith on Mon, 9th Oct 2023 10:30 am
  14. Thank you Barb.🩵

  15. SUSAN REED LANE on Mon, 9th Oct 2023 1:16 pm
  16. These words of encouragement really help me. I am going through a very unpleasant
    divorce and my horses are my saving grace (although for years my husband has pressured me to sell them). So lets toast
    to “never give up”!.


  17. Celia Kenney on Mon, 9th Oct 2023 8:16 pm
  18. Thanks for the words of encouragement. They are heart felt. See you in Moab.

  19. Sylvia on Tue, 10th Oct 2023 8:56 am
  20. Thank you, Barbra. You are such a wise woman and spark of inspiration, especially for an aging me. It feels as if your words have literally pulled on my boots and saddled my horse (who is wonderful). Thank you.

  21. Deborah Wilson on Wed, 11th Oct 2023 5:16 pm
  22. Beautiful.

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