I Love You, Too!

Have you ever heard someone say, “She has great energy!” Or that is a “low energy horse.”

In both of these examples, energy is used in very different ways.

What got me thinking about the various energy concepts and a fun thinking tool question to keep your energy and mind going in the most productive direction.

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I love thinking about the concept of energy.

You hear people say, “Oh! She has great energy!”

Or energy can be in a different context: “I have zero energy. I’m so tired.”

Or another one is: “I just love her positive energy!”

Then, there’s the idea related to fuel – like oil and gas – and diesel prices.

One of my mentors, Dr. Jim Loehr, also talks about investing energy
instead of time. I think that’s super interesting, too.

One way of thinking of energy that is personally meaningful to me is how much energy I have – as in “I feel good, let’s go!” – but also – do I feel “up” or optimistic. If you’re like me, it’s easy to go through days in a kind of neutral enthusiasm state.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we should go around being an overflowing
fountain of zippety-do-dah. Still, I know that how we see the world – specifically if we see possibilities and feel encouraged and optimistic – impacts our riding and lives.

From a mental point of view, when we feel good, we see possibilities. From a physical perspective, when we feel good, our body is more relaxed and not overly tense – so we ride better.

There’s a fun thinking tool for keeping energy “up” and light – and not going into the doldrums of limitations.

Here’s how it works. Consciously say the opposite when we think hum-drum thoughts or feel disappointed or “down.”

First of all, it makes you laugh (which is always a good thing), and then it gets you thinking differently.

For example, you’re getting ready to go to a show the next day, and you look at the weather forecast for loading the horses in the morning and driving. It says, “extreme winds and 85% chance of rain.” You think, “I’ll be soaked, and everything will be muddy. I LOVE blowing rain!”

Now, I know that might sound absurd, but laughing about the rain is better than doing the same thing anyway in an awful mood.

Ok, now you made it through the rain, and you’re at the show.

The rain stopped, and it’s now a beautiful day. You’re going along, and suddenly you see that show management has a different judge than the one advertised, who, by the way, you’re not that crazy about because you don’t think she likes you or your horse.

So you think, It’s so perfect that she’s judging! I’m going to put our best and most beautiful rides together. I’ll let the chips fall. I’m here to show for my horse and me.

Here’s another example, if someone says something unkind, you can think, “Thank you for saying that. I love you, too,” and then laugh on the inside.

It’s a super fun game to change our thoughts, make ourselves laugh, and use every opportunity to bring our energy up to a place of feeling anywhere from better, to good, to fantastic!

Try it and let me know what you think. Don’t forget the fun part! Leave a comment for me.

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5 Comments on I Love You, Too!

  1. Evw on Sun, 27th Mar 2022 5:09 am
  2. The rain analogy is perfect. I do happen to like being out in the rain, but I can’t stand mud in spring or the bugs that come with summer. Going to have to work on a way to LOVE those.

  3. Janice on Sun, 27th Mar 2022 6:03 am
  4. Absolutely a great strategy for every part of our lives. This morning, I love that we have fresh snow on the ground in upstate New York. It looks nicer than mud!

  5. Beth Yerby on Sun, 27th Mar 2022 6:31 pm
  6. I love your philosophy of living and riding – so much like mine! So agree with giving back ” nice” to someone’s “ugly”.As a “Southern” thing, we just polite them to death ! Thanks for all your insight and caring for others.

  7. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 27th Mar 2022 7:33 pm
  8. Thank you, Barb, for that mental “trick” of saying (thinking) the exact opposite of a negative thought pattern. This won’t be an easy exercise but worth trying it and “working” on it. I saw you judging Road to the Horse today during the finals–:)

  9. Renee Racine on Mon, 28th Mar 2022 3:23 pm
  10. Another wonderful thought Barb! You are so inspiring. My version of this is to say Good Morning or Afternoon when I see someone for the first time in a day and try to really feel that. My natural state is to hide in a corner and be depressed but I have found over the years that by the time I have told a few people I am good in a day then I am. I have found it harder as I am retired now so don’t see as many people each day but it still works and is my go to response without even thinking about it anymore.

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