How to have more fun!

Last week I talked about creating a theme for your year – an intention of sorts. It’s something that helps you lighten up and enjoy even more your life with horses (and of course, in general, too!).

One of mine was to make sure I did my best to have even more fun. I would be sure to create fun during my days and what I did with the horses.

Of course, I realize that sometimes life deals us situations that are not fun and could never be defined as fun in any way, shape, or form. That is part of life, too – and a topic for another day.

But here, today, I’m talking about our day-in-and-day-out activities wherein we absolutely can create more fun. That is up to us, and it’s a mindset.

Someone posted that they thought that was a good idea, but HOW could she create more fun?

That’s what this mini-podcast is all about.

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Last week I talked about creating a theme for 2022– something that makes you even more enthusiastic about your life with horses (and of course, your life in general, too!) When I say theme, I’m talking about the kind of energy you bring to situations.

And as you know, our horses are wired to read everything around them, including us, because their survival depended on it as prey animals.

They pick up on our energy, big time.

They know how we’re feeling and how much attention we pay to them. They read our body language and the energy in our voice, like, volume, inflection, and tone. They also notice how big or small – or fast or slow – our movements are – and even our facial expressions, like a smile vs. a huge frown.

To me, energy is fascinating and expressed in many ways.

I’m not just talking about the amount of energy, as in “I feel good!” or “I’m so tired.” I’m also talking about the quality of energy, as in optimistic, or excited (on one end of the scale) or complaining, or pessimistic (on the other end.)

For example, you could be super excited, or just a little enthused – or you could complain by railing against the world and everyone in it – including the judge – or you could be mildly pessimistic because you don’t like something.

We determine the amount and kind of energy we bring to any situation, although without realizing it, most of the time, we have a default way of approaching almost everything in our lives.

We don’t usually think about it that much, and we go about our business and do things the way we always do them.

So, when I decided on my theme for 2022, I wanted to make sure I did my best to think of an emotion that brought a light yet engaging type of energy to situations. And that was to have fun –in whatever I did because fun brings lightness and kindness to situations.

So then, after I posted last week’s video, a friend said they thought that was a great idea – and she wanted to try it – but HOW could she do that?

Now, that’s a great question.

The first thing that came to mind is that a while back, someone suggested that each person is responsible for creating their own fun – instead of thinking that something or someone was automatically fun or not – like the person entering a situation had nothing to do with it.

When I heard that I was the creator of my own fun, it was like, whoa, that’s cool. DUH!

So now, the way I work on it is pretty simple. I ask myself, “How can I make what I’m doing – right here – right now – fun?”

Many times, it’s not only about what I do with my horse but how I do it. Usually, that means being more observant and less demanding – not being so chop-chop, let’s go, instead of going slower and more in the moment.

Other times it’s just coming to the barn with a kind of jokester frame of mind – to be differentiated from a sarcastic attitude. It’s about being playful.

Or it can be about being curious – a kind of defenseless openness to see what I could notice and pick up by being more vigilant as I observe. It’s like, “Barb, pay attention more.”

For me having fun on any particular day begins with asking a question, “How can I make this moment more fun right now?”

The answer is always different – and usually entertaining.

It’s early in 2022, but I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying my New Year’s theme so far! The only downside I can see is increasing the smile wrinkles on my face. Oh well!

I hope this gives my friend and you some ideas about creating more fun. And the best part is, I know our horses and our riding will also benefit from the positive energy.

Leave a comment for me. How do you make your days or moments at the barn more fun?

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6 Comments on How to have more fun!

  1. Christine E on Sun, 9th Jan 2022 4:01 pm
  2. Great point, Barb! I’m going to put it to work this week and see how it goes – I’ve found I’ve unfortunately been more pessimistic than optimistic as of late, and it’s doing no one any good – me, my gelding, or my husband! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

  3. Carol MacGregor on Mon, 10th Jan 2022 12:04 am
  4. This is a very good exercise to work on—making things/jobs that we do “more fun” or “more enjoyable”. I need to work on this starting tomorrow. Everyday I am grateful for many things but there’s always this low lying feeling that I’ll be “happier” when situations get better, or I have more time, or , or , or—-So besides being grateful, I’ll look for “fun” —Thanks Barb–

  5. Jamie on Mon, 10th Jan 2022 8:26 am
  6. Rode Tonic yesterday. My big reactive, spooky horse. Set up pairs of cones and made it a big game to see what we were going to do at each pair of cones and then ride in a circle between the cones. It took a little bit to get his attention on the game; but once he did he was totally focused & having fun. Quit paying attention to the horse eating ogres. So, this is right on time. As I’m listening I’m getting more ideas on how to make things fun with everything I do. Thanks!

  7. Stephanie on Mon, 10th Jan 2022 1:06 pm
  8. Just the other day I was wanting to rope off my lil’ CowHorse mare…for fun I brought her into our round pen with two other horses all buddies. I decided I wanted a closer feel when teaching her to rope so I rode in a rope halter and bareback, it was sooo fun! It was a great teaching experience for both of us as I could really feel her every try and successful positioning.
    I love your podcasts thank you always for your wealth of knowledge and sharing it.
    Happy Trails 2022 Barb!

  9. Claire on Mon, 10th Jan 2022 9:43 pm
  10. Well-I’ve been blessed with a pretty good sense of humor-but it can also get snarky..a work in progress…
    I have been trying to be more mindful of “judgmental thoughts” (thank-you Warwick Schiller!) and train myself to send out positive and loving thoughts instead.
    Also-verbally and out loud reminding myself that any challenges are just moments-not hours, days, weeks or years.
    Gratefulness-you are SO grateful and mindful and a wonderful mentor that way!!
    Lastly-my sweet mare helps me to remember to go slower. In that-I am always so charmed by her willing partnership, AMAZING gaits (they can make me look pretty good!), and her general preferences to be respected and treated gently-without being a cuddle bug…In all that-I can’t help but have fun riding her-it is never a bad day when that happens and for that I am grateful!I treasure the snippets of days that allow me to “borrow” my critters’ better sense of smell, hearing and sight as we experience the world together.

  11. Belinda Williams on Wed, 12th Jan 2022 9:57 pm
  12. Barb, Loved this clip!!! Your ideas are creative and unique!!! You can decide your energy!!! You can decide your attitude! You can decide your playfulness!!!!

    I want to also make having fun my 2022 theme too , like YOU!!!!
    You are such an incredible mentor, creative coach and amazing friend!!!!!!!
    May 2022 bring you all you need!!!!!!!

    I am forever thankful for YOU!

    Belinda Williams

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