How Passion and Belief Impact Riding

I talked about writing and practicing my upcoming Ted-style talk in last week’s video. My topic is four attributes of extraordinary people, although that’s not the “official title.”

For my talk, I chose four qualities I’ve learned through research, study and my own experiences. I’ll describe them by telling the stories of four incredible people who impacted my life.

Beginning today and for the next three Sundays after this, I’ll share one of the four attributes I chose and how it directly impacts your ability to ride at your best in the saddle.

Of course, there’s nothing magical about four attributes; it’s just what I chose.

That’s what this video is all about – the first one.


But before I get into my first characteristic, I want to follow up on what some of you said your four favorites are. It’s a fascinating exercise to sit down and try to drill them down to four.

I appreciate you all writing in. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please do! They’re making me think, and that’s a good thing!

Honestly, I got choked up when I read some of them. They were all so heartfelt.

I can’t share all of them here, but a few of the ones mentioned multiple times were:

  • Have kindness and unconditional love for people and horses.
  • Be a forever learner.
  • Go for what you love.
  • Have a positive influence on young people. (I love that one!)
  • Encourage others.

As always, you’re welcome to comment here and submit yours for the next three weeks if you’d like.

Okay! Here we go!

The first attribute of my extraordinary-ness list (-: is to live what you love.

These folks listen within for what resonates with them and must follow what they love.

They trust what they’re naturally attracted to, and it becomes like a magnificent obsession for them.

They go for what compels them – and they live it – almost without questioning if they can do it or not.

They never waver in a belief in themselves when they know it’s something they must do because it’s just who they are.

And it’s not to say they don’t feel vulnerable from time to time, but they are courageous, and still, when the going gets rough, they hang in there and keep going.

It’s incredible to me that when we listen within to what resonates, and we believe in ourselves, the sky is the limit.

And here’s how this impacts your riding.

When you’re not sure if you really love something or if you don’t genuinely believe in yourself, you crater when things go South.

Recently I helped a young man with his riding. I knew he loved to ride, but the belief in himself part of the equation was not there. So every time he made a mistake, it was evidence that “See, I told you I can’t do such and such.”

Then his body sagged, and his focus evaporated. And until his focus returned without his internal voice looking for reasons to confirm his poor riding, he couldn’t concentrate.

After learning new things to do with his horse, he started brightening up. Before leaving, I encouraged him to love learning and enjoy his horse – and not just believe but know he could do it.

Live what you love and keep on. Then – prepare to be amazed.

Okay. Let’s hear from you. Feel free to comment on your list of four, the other members’ list, or whatever you think of my idea of living what you love and believing in yourself.

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9 Comments on How Passion and Belief Impact Riding

  1. Judy Robinson on Sun, 16th Oct 2022 1:32 pm
  2. The attributes I’ve come up with are kindness, gratitude, effort, and attentiveness.

  3. Katrina on Sun, 16th Oct 2022 2:10 pm
  4. This week’s message reminds me of a favorite saying I keep close to my heart ….” It’s not Who you are that holds you back, it’s Who you think you’re not. 💜

  5. Pam on Sun, 16th Oct 2022 7:14 pm
  6. I am very thankful for your message tonight. You are so right about everything that you mentioned and I really needed to hear what you said. Thank you so very much for being tge person that you are. You are truly a blessing from God and I believe you are and will touch tge lives of many people. May God bless you abundantly. Thank you very much 😊

  7. Val on Sun, 16th Oct 2022 8:02 pm
  8. Resilience is an amazing attribute. I have been reading “Limitless” by Mallory Weggemann. This book was given to me by my trainer. According to Mallory resilience is “simply doing what you have to do for as long as it takes.” She calls it “the combination of courage, passion, patience, and perseverance.” I feel all these qualities are necessary to be successful in the cow horse arena, and to enjoy the process and the journey. I have these written out and hanging on my truck visors where I can see them every day. Thank you for all the “positive” you bring to the cow horse realm and your “no problem” attitude.

  9. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 16th Oct 2022 11:39 pm
  10. Barb, I just always enjoy hearing your inspirational words of wisdom and encouragement. And I do love the idea of never giving up on what you love and have a passion for; we must keep persevering in that direction. Thank you!!!

  11. robyn kilmister martin on Mon, 17th Oct 2022 12:45 am
  12. great little bit of encouragement,
    thank you sooooo much!

  13. Linda Begun on Mon, 17th Oct 2022 8:30 am
  14. I had two boarders who really wanted to ride and get better at it. I gave them encouragement (not lessons per se) as we rode on my trails. I’ve ridden for 20 plus years, but they wanted to be able to ride as I do in just a few months. They really didn’t want to put in the time and learning. They eventually got hurt coming off their horses trying to do things they weren’t prepared for and quit horses right then. They just didn’t want to put in the time it takes to be a good rider.

  15. Linda Clavel on Mon, 17th Oct 2022 8:58 am
  16. The four attributes I believe are key are:

  17. Caroline Mackinnon on Fri, 21st Oct 2022 3:56 am
  18. As always, thank you Barb. I and I am sure many other’s like myself, take heart from your kind and inspirational words. I am a great self-doubter and intend to keep this message and listen to you again, when those little doubts start to creep in and foil a fun and/or challenging ride. Take care from Caroline in Australia; 65 years young. 😊🐎

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