How Flow is Developed

I want to talk to you about “flow.”

But first – in last week’s video, I outlined four pieces of Riding Confidence.

  1. Horsemanship
  2. Confidence with other people
  3. Confidence in the saddle
  4. Confidence in trusting yourself, loving your journey, and believing in yourself.

Of course, all those pieces matter, and we need all of them.

Beginning with this video and, through the next three weeks, I will dive into a series of fun happenings – videos, live streams of 10-minute mindsets, and online lessons.

I will expand the Confidence in the Saddle piece to an idea called flow.


Flow, as studied in the research, is an experience of being immersed in what you’re doing – a feeling of total oneness.

It’s not about reaching a certain level of expertise.

It consists of clarity about what we’re about to do (or whatever we’re learning) and being in the moment.

I can only imagine that on your horsemanship journey; you’re learning more fundamentals and discovering more about your discipline, whether it be ranch riding, cutting, jumping, dressage – whatever it is.

With clarity, openness, and receptivity to the situation, you can go for it without feeling threatened that you can’t do it, that you’re not good enough, or that you don’t know enough.

It’s taking what you know as a starting point and then getting yourself grounded. You feel open and conscious without fear (which is some of the work you may have done with me before.) And then, it’s also being connected to your horse.

Then we execute a sequence of maneuvers in our ride in a flow. That’s an important piece.

That’s what I will discuss during these next three weeks.

I have all kinds of goodies starting Wednesday, May 24th. Mark your calendar.

I will have a free In the Flow Bootcamp lasting about ten days. We’ll have short 10-15 minute live mindset training in the morning. And then we’ll also have four lessons. I hope you can join me.

If you’ve ever experienced a feeling of glorious flow with your horse, you can learn how to do it repeatedly.

That’s what we’re going to dive into.

Please let me know what you think. And be sure and click the link below to check out the Bootcamp, and I’ll see you next week.

Nic and I say bye for now.

Click Here for the Free In The Flow Bootcamp

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5 Comments on How Flow is Developed

  1. Donna Riley Brollier on Sun, 14th May 2023 2:24 pm
  2. I received my first horse
    16 years ago. I never had formal riding lessons. Morenita, a lovely Mexican quarterhorse and I became a team. She became my teacher and confidence builder because of trust on both sides of the reins and saddle. Looking forward to more from you, Barb.

  3. Cynthia Mallett on Sun, 14th May 2023 3:09 pm
  4. This sounds like an awesome addition to your work! Flow is so great…and so elusive!

  5. Dawn on Sun, 14th May 2023 6:11 pm
  6. Go with the FLOW–baby! Can’t wait for this one Barb. 😍

  7. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 14th May 2023 11:18 pm
  8. Thank you Barb, this sounds very exciting! You are so very generous with your time and knowledge and love for others that they may experience more in life in general and with their horse!!! Thank You!

  9. Barbra Schulte on Wed, 7th Jun 2023 2:35 pm
  10. Thank you!

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