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Here’s How I See Competition

Hi, it’s Barb!

Show season is in full swing, and people are so excited. It’s always that mixed bag of feeling personally hopeful, a little scared to get out in front of people, eager to see how your horse does, and having fun with your friends for another show season.

For the past couple of years, I’ve done a series of live webinars called Shine in the Show Pen. I’m planning to do this series again in May, but I need your help to make sure I cover what interests you most.

Here’s how I’ve organized things so you understand how I approach the vast topic of competition. I’m all ears. Let me know if you like the flow of these steps, and please give me any feedback you have.

I see the 30,000-foot view of doing your best in competition in four steps:

1. Step One: Build a Powerful Foundation

This is always a work in progress.

It’s making sure you’ve squared with yourself why you show and what determines your success. Of course, you want results, but knowing your true purpose and living it will keep you inspired and sustain you through the tough times.

Also – how do you see yourself as a competitor? Do you believe you can do it?

And what’s your faith in and commitment to your horse? They are your teammate, so that’s a huge piece.

And who are the people in your show life who will stand beside you through thick and thin? That’s another critical piece of your foundation, especially when you feel vulnerable.

2. Step Two is to Prepare and Polish

This step is about committing to prepare yourself, your horse, and the two of you as a team.

There are many moving parts to polish – like the technical skills for both of you, the mental skills for both of you, and how you and your horse get on as teammates – especially under pressure.

Preparation is ONE OF THE BIGGEST KEYS to competitive success.

3. Step Three is to Compete with Confidence

When the arena gate opens to walk into the ring, it’s time to show the best of you and your horse.

What does show day look like for you and your horse to be ready and do your job as a glowing performance team in the arena?

Again there are many moving parts to this. How do you see this?

4. Step Four as an Insightful Review of Your Ride

It’s like a data-gathering mission on both the strengths and weaknesses of you, your horse, and your teamwork as you performed on demand.

With the insights you glean from your ride, you can go back to preparing and polishing, which you will do forever.

So those are my four areas:

1. Step One: Build a Firm Foundation

2. Step Two: Prepare and Polish

3. Step Three: Compete with Confidence

4. Step Four: Review Your Ride

I’m working on adding new information to the Shine in the Show Pen Series as I always do, so please, please give me your input.

And don’t hold back. You might see things a different way?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll let you know some of the comments I received in general – and – I’ll dig a little deeper into those four areas I mentioned to let you know what I think is essential in each of them. I’ll share my personal experience, the success of riders I’ve coached, and detailed research with great performers.

Okay, hit that link and let me know what you think!