Gift For Someone Else…

Purchase "The Gift" Audio Book as a Gift For Someone Else

Here’s HOW your gift recipient will receive your gift:

  • It will appear in their email box with the subject line: (Your Name) Has Given You a Special Present in This Email … or … you can customize the email subject line by letting us know what you would like it to say.
  • It will appear in their email box on the exact day, and at the exact time you would like it to arrive. You will provide us with this information. (Please know times may vary within10-20 minutes, but most of the time, this is very accurate.
  • When they open your gift email, there will be a note that says: (Your Name) has given you “The Gift” Digital Audio Book as a gift.
  • If you choose, we will then add the text: (Your Name) sends this message to you: And then, we add a personalized note that you provide to us.
  • Next, they have the product download information.

Here are the steps for you to do to purchase your gift:

  • Click the ADD TO CART button below, which will take you to the shopping cart where you will make your purchase.
  • Upon receiving your order, you will immediately receive a form that must be filled out and returned to us. This form will ask you for the recipient’s name, their email address, email subject line text change (if desired), personalized note (if desired), day and time you would like the gift to be sent.
  • When we receive your form, you will receive a confirmation from us.

Here’s a few more facts for you to know:

  • Your purchase is guaranteed. If for any reason, the person you gift does not receive the download, we will keep trying until he/she does, or return your money.
  • The person you gift will also be informed that we will help them with their download in case they run into any hitches. Lindee Meeker who takes care of customer service in the tech area will be available during working hours most days. She will not be available from December 24th through the 26th. 


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