Four Attributes of Extraordinary
Riders and People

Next month, I will give two Ted-style talks with messages that mean the world to me.

First, I’m truly honored to have these opportunities. The first will be on November 4th at 10:00 AM during Warwick and Robyn Schillar’s Journey On Podcast Summit in San Antonio, Texas. The second will be during The Cowgirl Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas, on the weekend of November 11th.

It’s the first time I’ve been asked to do that talk style, and I’ve been working on them diligently for a while now. It’s an exciting experience to be concise and choose messages that matter a lot to me.

That’s what this video is all about.


Creating the talk has made me reflect on what truly resonates with me and, hopefully, others.

For Warwick and Robyn’s, I’m going to talk about The Mind and Heart of Those Who Live In-spired. At the Cowgirl Gathering, the topic will be a Mental Edge.

In both talks, I’ll tell the stories of four people I supremely admire and who have impacted my life.

I’ll talk about four attributes I have come to know that characterize those admired for their accomplishments AND are also whole-hearted people. They inspire those who know them to live the spark of their own unique and gorgeous spirit.

I’ll share one of the four attributes I chose weekly for the next four weeks.

Now, these are not the only four qualities of these folks, of course, but after combing through research, my own study, experience, and coaching others, they are the ones that shine through for me every time.

And these qualities positively impact riding, too, in a profound way!

So, the people I chose to tell their stories met two ideals.

The first is their mark on the world by the outstanding deeds they’ve done, and the second, and perhaps most important, is their spirit of joy as they impacted the lives of others.

For now, though, I have two questions I’d like you to think about and join me on this adventure if you want.

First, what topic would you choose if you talked about a message that resonates with you in a 20-minute talk? It’s a fascinating exercise and can cause some fun soul-searching!

Second, what characteristics about incredible people would you choose if you had to narrow it down to only four?

If the spirit moves you, please share your thoughts with us; we would love to hear them:

  1. What’s your message to the world in a Ted-style talk?
  2. What four qualities characterize extraordinary people to you?

Let me hear from you, and next week I’ll share my first of four attributes for the Mind and Spirit of Those Who Live Inspired.

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12 Comments on Four Attributes of Extraordinary
Riders and People

  1. mark on Sun, 9th Oct 2022 1:10 pm
  2. Who is Ted?

  3. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 9th Oct 2022 3:09 pm
  4. Hi Barb, I’m not exactly sure if you mean our 20 min talk needs to be horse related or not. I’m thinking more of a deeper inner drive for what we are living for–so I think I’d key in to what is the most important job/jobs of my life–ie the priority of family, keeping household running smoothly, etc. even when I’d rather be doing something else I’d like–ie riding my horse, being with my horsy friends, etc. It’s ok to carve out time for things we enjoy or want to do, but it’s important to keep an honest evaluation. I quickly jotted down the 4 attributes that popped into my mind–kindness, humble, ability to laugh at oneself, ability to keep reaching for improvement in life, whether if working on oneself, or on an external goal–ie improving horsemanship. 🙂

  5. Jennifer Muir on Sun, 9th Oct 2022 5:01 pm
  6. My talk would be about “Don’t Settle”. It doesn’t matter what you do, with or without horses, don’t settle. Keep your standards and expectations high. Whether it’s work, family or horses, don’t settle for anything less than whatever your ideal is. And all of our ideals are different so the definition of “settling” will vary from situation to situation and person to person.
    I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t ever Settle!! (Thank you George for the lesson!)

  7. Tassie Sitton Corbett on Mon, 10th Oct 2022 5:14 am
  8. If I had the chance, I would talk about the importance of the mental aspect of youth in the sports of rodeo and horse related competitions. I believe this is overlooks a lot of times. Some of the kids competing now are so accomplished and don’t always know how to handle the pressure of winning and losing. I believe there is a lot to be said in this area.
    The 4 qualities I believe make extraordinary people are:
    -A Godly spirit for loving people
    -A Focus that allows them to be great at whatever they choose to do.
    -Kindness for others. Kindness is a very important thing to me.
    – Integrity and an ability to communicate these things to others.

  9. Barbra Schulte on Mon, 10th Oct 2022 5:34 am
  10. I love these comments. THANK YOU! I hope those who visit here will add theirs. It’s thought-provoking and enlightening for all of us.🤩
    Mark, a Ted Talk is a 20-minute talk. TED is a national organization that organizes speakers to speak on all kinds of topics. The speakers are on video. They are fun to watch and super informative.

  11. Jackie Snyder on Mon, 10th Oct 2022 6:30 am
  12. These are really thought-provoking questions. I’m still considering the topic for a 20 minute talk, but a good topic would be the importance of the four attributes in making important decisions, e.g. in choosing a job/career and who to work for or with, in choosing a horse trainer or mentor, in choosing friends. The four attributes which characterize people who not only excel, but make an impact on the lives of others:

    1. Perseverance – this person acts with determination, is resilient when adversity arises, and doesn’t give up.

    2. Kindness

    3. Clarity – this person has clarity of their own purpose and has the ability to communicate clearly (and positively and kindly).

    4. Joy – this person enjoys what they do and radiates a happy glow.

  13. Jackie Snyder on Mon, 10th Oct 2022 6:42 am
  14. I need to add Integrity to my list of attributes!

  15. Brooke Brownlow on Mon, 10th Oct 2022 6:50 am
  16. Hi Barb

    My top 4 so far are:
    – be a constant learner no matter the age or accomplishments
    – focus outward on what others need with just enough inward focus to know thyself so as to not let that control you without your permission
    – live a life of gratitude
    – love people and horses unconditionally

  17. Jeannette M on Tue, 11th Oct 2022 8:21 am
  18. Being teachable, even the instructor is learning

    Learn all you can, sometimes we learn what we don’t want to do/what doesn’t really work as well

    Always count blessings, it is not by chance we have them, but by grace

    As I teach riding to young and old to always remember how vulnerable each student is, let them learn the steps of a solid foundation. See their willingness to tackle each of those steps and remember how I felt when I was learning something new, especially when it involves 1000 lb horse. Know when to push and when to back off. Know how that student learns, use their strengths always and most of all remind them as difficult as it may seem, they want to ride and enjoy horses, just take a breath and let’s move on, let them know my teaching is done with lots of love.

  19. Linda on Thu, 13th Oct 2022 3:33 pm
  20. 🤣

  21. Leeonie on Thu, 13th Oct 2022 5:12 pm
  22. Look forward to hearing more and hearing your Ted talk. Love who you are and what you’re about. Keep shining brightly as you do. You’re a breath of fresh air to the industry.

    I’d love for people to know, anyone and any being with life (people, animals, trees, plant, rivers, air included), ALL have a charge that’s fascinating unique (as a finger print). Each holds and has its very own energy vibration, electromagnetic field. Each and every individual holds their very own signature so to speak. Each and every individual combination of interactions hold an unspoken exchange, all unique, all individual. Every single individual person can and does have an effect on their horses central nervous system, on their horses electromagnetic fields. Any touch along with intention has an effect on your horses receptors directly, and influence heavily the emotional feeling state. Horses will always remember how you made them feel. It’s their way of life. Every individual can benefit their horses magnetic field, central nervous system, emotional state. These states can influence performance, wellness, recovery, state of being.


    Unshakenly Dependable

  23. Dawn on Thu, 13th Oct 2022 7:18 pm
  24. If I had 20 minutes to gift the world a message it would be to look for the good. Look for the good in every situation. Win/Lose, Life/Death, Friends/Loneliness … There is good in all we see and do, but it is up to us to find it.

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