Counterintuitive Series #8: When You Grow & When You Get Weaker

Hello, my friends!

This is our eighth episode in our counterintuitive series – those things in our riding that are important to do, but we all tend to do the opposite

This week’s topic is all about training ourselves to recover our energy and lower our heart rate at will. This certainly is a huge challenge in our world of being on the go every moment! But it is the key to consistency and sustained high performance.

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4 Comments on Counterintuitive Series #8: When You Grow & When You Get Weaker

  1. Carol Mills on Mon, 31st May 2021 7:20 am
  2. So over the weekend at the Belton SHOT show, I rushed my Ranch Trail pattern when my mare was anxious. There were several places where I could have recovered for a moment but didn’t. Thanks for reminding me about the waves of recovery even during my class.

  3. Karen Stephens on Tue, 1st Jun 2021 9:21 pm
  4. Preparing for horse shows I have now added breathing spots in the pattern. It’s really helped my horse and I stay calm and focused. Ironically I’ve trained myself to do it with one horse and I have to do it with my other horse. Love the recovery

  5. DeAnna Ball on Thu, 3rd Jun 2021 1:13 pm
  6. Since you have been teaching the importance of recovery I have been exaggerating the breath, and relax moment for my horse. I’ll rest for as short as a ten second pause, but usually more like a 3 minute pause, especially if my mare does something well or relaxed. She is so much less anxious, and so more relaxed!

  7. Claire on Sun, 6th Jun 2021 9:38 pm
  8. Great reminder! One of the reasons I love to train as many basics as possible on the trail!
    Turn around that bush…go on down the trail…sidepass that log…go on down the trail…back up as step or two…go on down the trail.
    The rest and relaxation is just built in-and it is automatically easier to remind myself to try on the next bush a while down the trail rather than drilling the next ten bushes in a row! 😉 The terrain can actually help a horse to accomplish something on a tighter format as well-sort of like using a fence in an arena. Love it!

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