Champion Who?

Thank you all for your kind feedback about this 4-part series about the attributes I’ve noticed repeatedly about people who live successful AND happy lives.

I’m giving you a sneak peek into my Journey On Podcast Summit TIC Talk (like a Ted Talk) this coming Friday. Oh my! I’m excited!

In the past episodes, I spoke about a passion so strong for what you do a freight train couldn’t hold you back. That was #1 of the four.

Then, number two was a willingness to pause but then get back up after a lack of success, bad luck, or a delay in your plans.

Now, in this mini-podcast, I will share attribute #3.

. .


First, I want you to pause the audio and think back to a situation when you had a glorious time that involved a horse… Got it?…

During that happy time, I bet a big part of your thoughts (besides having fun with your horse) was about the people you were with. I also bet you felt great with them – and they with you.

There’s something about feeling supported and supporting others that sets us up for joy and success.

Number one, the energy is incredibly positive. And as you know, everything abundant in our lives has that common theme of positivity.

Next, our greatest need of all as a human (after food, water, and shelter) is to connect with others. We all crave that comfort and sweetness of being cared for and returning it 10-fold.

Lifting others up can be as simple as a smile, a compliment, noticing someone hurting and spending time with them, or being thoughtful.

When we do any of these things, we unleash the joy of connection.

You might say, “What does that have to do with riding my horse?” And I would say, “It has everything to do with it.”

Think about going to a show, retreat, clinic, or to your barn to ride your horse. Much of the excitement is about seeing the people, too. And there’s nothing like one or a team of people cheering you and having your back no matter the result.

High positive energy, along with connecting with your horse and other people, is the juice of what we all do.

And dare I say, we’ve all felt the pain when we haven’t felt supported by someone important to us.

The secret is in giving the same back to others. Pour out your support. Let go of the fear of what they think and replace it with seeing the best in them and rooting them on.

It has everything to do with your riding.

So that’s my attribute #3 of successful and happy people – they champion other people.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Have a great week.

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3 Comments on Champion Who?

  1. Camille Abbott on Sun, 30th Oct 2022 6:51 pm
  2. I love this! It is so true….the best that I can be is when I have had a great lesson!

  3. Dawn on Mon, 31st Oct 2022 2:13 pm
  4. Using our flame to spark someone else’s will help you shine together. Not sure where I heard this quote but it definitely applies. Thank you Barb, for your wise words. Looking forward to your “TED” talk.

  5. Marilyn on Thu, 3rd Nov 2022 2:59 pm
  6. Love the suggestion to–each day–remind myself that I am a confident rider, that I trust my horse & feel safe.”
    Before each ride I now do 2 things: I thank God. Then as I swing up in the saddle I say to myself “I WAS BORN TO DO THIS!” (That is a line that I borrowed from Freddie Mercury; his words he said just before he stepped up to the stage at his monumental Live Aid performance). Thanks Barb for all you do 🙂

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