The Annual Schulte Video
Christmas Card

Last year Tom and I began a holiday tradition of wrangling our fuzzy family members all together in one place to video a short message of holiday cheer.

The only family member missing is our sweet kitty, Snickers, and of course, she was nowhere to be found with all that activity.

This past year we lost our beloved Aussie, Ruby but gained a wild and western young Aussie, Jax (who now runs the ranch.) We also want to thank Tiger, who went over the rainbow bridge. He was Tom’s soul horse. Oh! And Rachel in the video is his Mom.

We send our love and holiday merriment from our house to yours.

You are our family, too, and you’re the best of the best.

Much love and Merry Christmas,
Barb, Tom, Nic, Rachel, Abby, Jax, and Snickers

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