A New Year’s Theme?

This is the time of year when we set goals. (Some folks set new year resolutions, which is good, too.) But there’s one more element you can add that’s a little bit like a secret sauce to keep everything light and your focus on learning. That’s what this video is all about.

Heh, it’s Barb and Nic, and Happy New Year to you.

I know that everyone has been thinking a lot about next year. We’re setting goals and making resolutions.

There are outcome goals, which are those things that are measurable.

Then there are the small step performance goals that clearly outline the path to the outcome goal.

But there’s one more thing to consider that’s more of a mindset – and that is to have a theme for the year. Including this idea of having a theme is like adding spice to all you do, and it helps us not take ourselves so seriously.

A theme is personal, and it could be something like to be more focused, more flexible, etc.

My theme for this year is to have a lot of fun and celebrate learning.

It’s easy to get so focused on achievement and get soooo serious! But if we stay light, we enjoy ourselves more – and we tend to accomplish more.

The other theme I have is to stay curious and celebrate learning. That mindset keeps us in the present moment and focused on the positive. There are many opportunities to learn now – podcasts, free videos, articles, live-streamed events, etc.

I’m looking forward to a magical year that pairs having fun with learning. I can’t wait!

Please scroll down and leave a comment for me. What’s your theme for 2022? I can’t wait to hear what it is.

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25 Comments on A New Year’s Theme?

  1. Kari McCarthy on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 2:17 pm
  2. I think it is important to enjoy small things – just like we do when we ride our horses. Live for today -dream about tomorrow and learn from yesterday.

  3. Gretchen on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 3:18 pm
  4. Snow and temps in the teens here in IL.
    You look so warm and comfy.
    Happy New Year anyway. 😁

  5. P. Tracy Appel on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 3:23 pm
  6. I like Kari Mccarthys comment. I need to remember the small successes with my horses.. Hope to take that into the New Year and yes have fun perfecting my trot on my horses and remember — being with them is my fun and happy place!
    Thanks for the video Barb. Happy New Years

  7. Adele Constable on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 4:28 pm
  8. Happy New Year to you Barb! That’s definitely my goal this year, have fun! I will turn 80 in July and I have a new horse (13 yr. old QH gelding). He is going to get a refresher course and then I am going to do all kinds of different clinics with him. (working equitation, ground poles, mountain trail, etc) I also hope to do more trail riding. Can’t wait!

  9. Nancy Burroughs on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 4:46 pm
  10. Happy new Year to you ,Tom and the animals. That was such an awesome New Year message. I’ve never seen nick so funny. He met your goal!!
    They say a horse is a mirror of our inner being. Love the goals and performance goal. Love thinking of mine and my theme for the coming months. Moment by moment choose the good, pure and lovely. Thank you for all you do.

  11. Debbie on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 5:38 pm
  12. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all your encouragement, I look forward to seeing your message in my in box everyday. You have inspired me to enjoy my time with my horse and there’s no way you could know how much your words have changed my relationship with my horse and riding in general.
    Thank you for all you do, you make a difference!

  13. Anne Testa on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 6:45 pm
  14. Adele – love your comment! It’s inspiring to me because I’ll be 72 in July. Right now I have 3 rescues and only one can be ridden at a walk. Your plans sound like fun!
    Happy New Year Barb and Nic and the whole gang!

  15. Carol MacGregor on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 8:32 pm
  16. Happy New Year to you, Barb, and Nic. He was “snuggling” with you today–very cute–and FUN!!! I like your “theme” and I think I will say my theme will be to “enjoy” my horses more. Again, thank you so much for caring to help us in so many ways. Sincerely, Carol

  17. Nancy Gallion on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 9:43 pm
  18. What a great video and message. Nic was having a good ole time! My goal or theme is really just for Pepperoni (my new horse) and I to get to know each other better and form a partnership together. I also hope to find my husband another great horse as his passed last week. These are our goals. Thank you for the inspiration and your daily messages. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  19. DeAnna Ball on Sun, 2nd Jan 2022 10:24 pm
  20. Oh, Barb. Nic made me giggle. Especially when he started yawning! Apparently he is great at comedy! And getting better all the time. I have decided that being kind is going to be my theme. I’m going to say kind things that aren’t even necessary. I hope to not say things that are not kind and to just enjoy people and my horse.

  21. susan reed lane on Mon, 3rd Jan 2022 6:55 am
  22. And a very Happy New Year to you & Nic! Made my morning watching both of you.

  23. Lori Krueger on Mon, 3rd Jan 2022 8:03 am
  24. Happy New Year, Barb and Nic! You are an inspiration! Thank you!

  25. Beth Goldman on Mon, 3rd Jan 2022 8:17 am
  26. I’m so inspired by all of the comments. I definitely need to get out of my head and just think about one day at a time. I work as a horse handler for a hippotherapy facility and I have four horses of my own. I pray for the strength to do it all and enjoy it. Trail riding is my true love and I hope to do LOTS of rides this year.

  27. Devon Camilleri on Mon, 3rd Jan 2022 9:28 am
  28. Enjoyed Nic’s addition to your message today (I have a roan that will snuggle too). Looking forward to a robust show schedule with SHTX, so I can ride more and spend less. Theme, enjoy the journey with my horses and be grateful for them! Happy New Year, Barb.

  29. Judy Dwyer on Mon, 3rd Jan 2022 10:11 am
  30. I will be focusing on building confidence. I have a well trained but forward going mare that I fear will get out of control (never has). At 81 and had horses a lot of my life but don’t want to get hurt.

  31. Linda Brummund on Mon, 3rd Jan 2022 12:17 pm
  32. You are who you practice to be! Whether that is in your mind or on the back of your horse. You are who you practice to be. Remind your self every day of all you can accomplish. Live each day with courage. Say out loud every day, multiple times a day, who it is you want to be. Your brain can’t help but become who you practice to be.

  33. Mary Beth Puryear on Mon, 3rd Jan 2022 2:48 pm
  34. Happy New Year!
    I decided that this year, at age 61, my theme will be embracing my inner child. I tend to overthink and take things too seriously, and it’s time to let that go (if I can).

  35. Jackie Snyder on Tue, 4th Jan 2022 6:39 am
  36. Fun is always underlying what I do with my horses and dog! This year my theme with my horse Rascal is “dancing with my horse”. The particular dance and tempo will vary with the job at hand, e.g. a beautiful flowing waltz interspersed with something livelier during a cutting run; nice quiet 4 beat music or a march when heading out on the trail or to gather cattle on the ranch. Gathering wild uncooperative cattle may involve a fast polka – then quiet 4 beat once we’ve got them. Sounds like fun!

  37. Denise Hood on Tue, 4th Jan 2022 7:53 am
  38. Happy New Year Ever’body!
    I am going to try and stay out of my head and into my big boy Dracos head instead. I’m recovering from a few injuries and working on NOT focusing on the pain. The idea of Jackie Snyders’ is great! I especially love the fast polka for them wild cows! lol
    Music does indeed soothe the soul, so, put your red shoes on and LETS DANCE!!

  39. Kathy on Tue, 4th Jan 2022 11:48 am
  40. Nic was a crack-up; right on que! Love your messages and training videos. Thank you. Wish you and your husband the best of the New Year.

    Kathy in Standish

  41. Norma on Wed, 5th Jan 2022 11:57 am
  42. Barb thanks for all the fun things you do to add to our success with our horses. This has been a good year for me and my horse Scout. I’ve been in some close calls but managed not to fall off and stay calm and enjoy what I learned from that incident. Remembering to breathe and hang loose really helps. Bless you and yours for the New Year. Nic looked like he was out too late New Years Eve with his yawning. Very cute and fun to see. Hugs,

  43. Caroline Mackinnon on Fri, 7th Jan 2022 2:49 am
  44. Happy new year Barb, as always you are a happy and joyful inspiration to us all. 😊

  45. Claire on Fri, 7th Jan 2022 7:13 pm
  46. You and Nic just made my evening Barb! I love both your smiles! 🙂
    A very contented 2022 with lots of fun and learning to you, Nic, your family and all your followers!

  47. Karola on Mon, 10th Jan 2022 4:00 pm
  48. I love Nic´s wish of Happy New Year to all of us 🙂 that was great, really. Thank you, Nic!
    And, it is a good idea to set the theme! Ours is for this year to have a few trips to far places around our country we do not know. I love this exploring times and I think Gwyn enjoys it, too!
    Thanks Barb and all the best to you.

  49. Judy on Sun, 16th Jan 2022 3:21 pm
  50. Thank you for the idea of a theme for the new year. I plan to focus on softness, relationship and joy with my horse. Then it occurred to me to put this focus on things outside my relationship with my horse, and I love how it’s working. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity sharing it with us.

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