“What To Do Before Each Part of Your Ride”

Have you ever heard of Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One?”

According to Wikipedia he is the leading all-time scorer in the National Hockey League. He’s been called the greatest hockey player ever with more goals and assists than any other hockey player.

A while back I heard an interview with Wayne Gretsky. He talked about a special technique that was golden to him. It stuck with me! The essence of the idea follows.

Seconds before each hockey shot, Wayne could “see” the hockey stick connecting with the puck in just the right place to score. He could “see” the flight of the ball going into the net, or passed perfectly to a teammate.

Wayne Gretsky had mastered a specialty skill of visualization … the ability to see what you want to happen just moments before you take the next immediate action.

It’s focused thinking in pictures.

The “secret” is to see and feel what you want to happen in your mind with vivid mental images right before it happens.

Some people do this with words. Perhaps you’ve heard me talk about scripting, which is talking to yourself as if your favorite coach is on your shoulder. You plan what to say to yourself as you ride that keeps you in the moment and on target. This is an awesome mental skill, too.

Thinking in pictures is similar except it’s more visually oriented. You see and feel what you want to happen right before the maneuver happens. It’s like seeing a video of you doing what what you want to accomplish right before you take action. (You may also combine this type of immediate visualization with planned self-coaching words, too.)

As with all mental skills, this takes practice.

Unfortunately, most of us are used to doing just the opposite.

Many times we see or think about what we don’t want to happen right before a maneuver because we feel fearful that one of our weaknesses (or one of our horse’s weaknesses) will be exposed. This can predispose us to creating that exact unwanted negative outcome.

Instead, get focused on the awesomeness of what you desire to create.

Have fun developing the discipline of seeing what you want to happen in the moments before you make that next move. Get into it. Play with this idea. Enjoy.

You are the star of creating your own movie.

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3 Comments on “What To Do Before Each Part of Your Ride”

  1. Sandy Eichelberger on Fri, 1st Dec 2017 9:33 pm
  2. Love this! By the way, I grew up in Canada, had the thrill of seeing Wayne Gretzky when he played for Edmonton Oilers. When he was on the ice, your eyes were glued to him. Truly an exceptional athlete.

  3. Jan on Sat, 2nd Dec 2017 5:39 am
  4. This is outstanding information. I believe thought and vision has power that, as you state, we can tap into. Horses are so sensitive. I think when we visualize and “feel” a desired positive outcome, it calms us and the horse senses this calmness as well and connects with it.
    Thank you, BARBARA !

  5. Sally ratliff on Sat, 2nd Dec 2017 11:40 am
  6. Your wisdom amazes me !!!!

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