“What I’m Taking With Me From 2016 Into 2017”

Our lives are journeys full of lessons to learn on and off of a horse. Sometimes the lessons are fun to learn. Other times they come with a little bite in the backside. Here are ten ideas I learned in 2016 that I will take with me going forward into 2017.

Regarding the beloved horse, I learned:

1.  Less is more. When they do something well, back off quickly and give them a nice break instead of asking for more. I’ve always known this, but I saw it even more clearly when I observed Nick Dowers teaching.

2. Horses, like people are individual when it comes to what they don’t like and what they do like. Again, this is not rocket science, but it was even more clear to me this past year. Figure out what your horse loves and give it to him. He will jump over the moon for you.

3. When I am more consistently mindful of how lucky I am to be around horses, I have an increased quality of life. This might include just seeing them from a distance. Now I feel my appreciation of them many times a day.

4. For you cutters … those darn cattle!!! I hate it when that one cow that I picked acts totally nuts in a big competition and ruins a run! That horrible feeling never goes away. (-: Luckily it doesn’t happen that much.

Regarding myself, I learned:

1. To really trust my intuition. That small voice inside really does know the way even when I can’t see it. This has been very freeing.

2. That change really is a big part of life … and don’t resist it. Love, relationships and memories will never be lost. Moving forward into a new chapter has it’s own special magic in store. Trust. (There’s that word again.)

3. To go for my dreams. Of course, like many things I already know this. But when I get the dream right, and the luster of the dream is exciting … there is true magic. Trust.

Regarding others, I learned:

1. To make investing in family and friend relationships a priority. Those connections will always be no matter what else happens. When I expect little but give a lot, I feel the most connected.

2. To forgive when something hurtful is said about a family member I cherish. The person speaking ill will is hurting, too. (Hard one!)

3. To understand the power and fun of building a team by clarifying the importance of each person’s role and expressing appreciation for what each brings to the whole. This lightens everyone’s load and brings excitement to working relationships.

These are just a few of my gems from 2016. I know we would all love to hear what you are taking with you from 2016 into 2017. Leave a comment if you like, even if it’s only one thing.

Happy 2017!

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16 Comments on “What I’m Taking With Me From 2016 Into 2017”

  1. Aaron England on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 9:03 am
  2. Wise words! Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy your news letters. Have a blessed New Year,


  3. Celia on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 9:26 am
  4. Thank you,
    the insight you share is always refreshing and spot on… always need those reminders
    to keep one on track in the journey of life…

    Cheers, to 2017

  5. Barbra Schulte on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 9:29 am
  6. Aaron, Thank you … all the best to you! Barb

  7. Barbra Schulte on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 9:30 am
  8. Hi, Celia, Thank you! Cheers to you! Barb

  9. Bruce Keller on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 12:55 pm
  10. Barbra,
    Although we’ve never met in person, I feel as though I’ve known you for years thanks to your teaching and inspiration. I look forward to each e-mail that brings new opportunities and guidance to my life. Through your teaching I had the opportunity to realize a couple goals with my horse this past year, I will always be thankful for learning to be mentally tough when the chips are down and how seeing “All” of the cattle really helps making that “Beatiful” cut.
    Thank you

  11. Barbra Schulte on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 3:34 pm
  12. Bruce, Thank you so much! Those words mean the world to me! Happy New Year to you. Barb

  13. Camille Abbott on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 3:46 pm
  14. All great as well as some of the same things I am taking with me into the new year! Love getting to be close to you through your teachings as well getting to see you at the barn. Looking forward to new adventures with my four legged friends and those friendships I have made because of the horses. Happy New Year!
    Rock on!

  15. Barbra Schulte on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 5:14 pm
  16. Camille, yes, it’s been an awesome year and more good things to come. Go get ’em my friend!

  17. Greg Williams on Sat, 31st Dec 2016 10:24 pm
  18. Thanks for those words of wisdom. Dreams are what makes life worth living for. Trust yes that word means everything to me. Without it in anything you have nothing.

  19. Barbra Schulte on Sun, 1st Jan 2017 8:44 am
  20. Thank you, Greg. Happy New Year to you!

  21. Rika on Fri, 6th Jan 2017 1:58 pm
  22. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I have read them over many times since receiving this email and I’ve found that I am inspired in a different way each time I read it! I’ve come to know your work over the last year and have applied the things I’ve learned and read not only to riding cutting horses but also in my personal relationships and my regular day job as well. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. All the best for 2017!

  23. Barbra Schulte on Fri, 6th Jan 2017 2:08 pm
  24. Thank you, Rika!

  25. Gladys Stryker on Wed, 11th Jan 2017 9:23 am
  26. Thank you for your insight. I have followed you for over 20 years now.

  27. Barbra Schulte on Sun, 15th Jan 2017 8:47 am
  28. Thank you, Gladys. All the best to you. Barbra

  29. Robbin Sinclair on Sun, 19th Feb 2017 7:53 am
  30. Love your thoughts, made me reflect I what I learned in those areas. And I am taking you with me into 2017! It’s already brighter! All the best to you.

  31. Barbra Schulte on Sun, 19th Feb 2017 8:09 am
  32. Ok Robbin! I’m going with you!!!

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