“Three Things That Block Learning”

Do you ever feel like you get numb to learning?

I didn’t say numb to wanting to learn. I mean numb to actually absorbing the info.

Often we want a quick solution to what’s bugging us … and right NOW.

We want what we want so badly that we might gloss over wonderful tidbits of information that could appear in ways we least expected them to show up because we weren’t paying attention.

Those tidbits we ignored might have given us a different but equally important puzzle piece.

Perhaps we not only didn’t take advantage of that unannounced little gem of wisdom right under our nose, but we snubbed it.

I went to a seminar recently that had nothing to do with horses. What the speaker shared at the beginning of the event hit home for me.

He said three things block learning in a big way. He was warning us in advance and he wanted none of that in his seminar.

He was so right. Throughout the three days, I found myself tempted to especially do #1 and #3!

So now I want to share these with you so you don’t miss opportunities to learn. Here are three bad actors that block learning:

#1. “I know that.”

When someone starts talking and we think we already know what they’re saying, we turn off. We have busy brains and why waste brain time on something we already know?

Bad idea!

There are so many layers of understanding to any topic. When people who are knowledgeable speak about something we think we already know … listen for layers. Listen for words and intonations that depict importance and meaning … and maybe even something you really didn’t know.

When I found myself saying, “I know that,” I immediately payed attention to what was being said. And yes, I did learn much more.

2. “I disagree.”

That’s another shut off statement for our brains.

Again, we block hearing another person’s entire take on a situation.

If we stop listening, how would we ever glean a bite size piece of wisdom buried in there somewhere? We don’t have to swallow anything hook, line and sinker. It’s about each one of us deciding what nuances fit out own style. You may disagree with one part, but don’t shut down. You might miss something that would help you.

3. Totally engage. Eliminate distractions.

Turn off the cell phone. Turn off the cell phone. Turn off the cell phone.

If you want to really absorb information, you must be totally present and focused. This one is a hard one for we busy brainers! We’ve got things to do and people to keep track of in texts, on Facebook and in emails.

When we want to learn, we each have to take responsibility to turn off the distractions.

Again, I found myself wanting to reach for my phone, but I didn’t!

For the most part, I was a pretty good girl!

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4 Comments on “Three Things That Block Learning”

  1. Camille Abbott on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 2:38 pm
  2. So true on all three counts. As they said in the movie, “Working Girl”, you never know where the next big idea is coming from! Also we NEVER know EVERYTHING! And sometimes things that we have been told over and over click when heard differently. “I know that” are my least favorite words to hear. Loved all of this.

  3. Joanne Milaton on Sun, 16th Apr 2017 6:21 pm
  4. GREAT! I go to as many clinics and seminars as I can & PARTICULARLY listen to things I already “KNOW”. I find that in teaching, some people just don’t “get it” when you’re trying to explain something….but if you can say the same thing in different words, it often “clicks”. I try to find as many ways to say the same thing as I can!

  5. Jackie Brady on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 9:54 am
  6. Great information! Thank you for this. I love all of the helpful information you share with others. Some things you write about really hit home. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing.

  7. Michelle on Mon, 17th Apr 2017 10:48 am
  8. #3 Totally Engage – sit up, breath and lean forward. Actively listen.

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